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    71 Fastback with a stock 302 and C4 tranny. Sitting on jacks till I can get some money to start working on her again.


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  1. I did drive it before the fluid swap with the same issues. I was hoping the new fluid would help, but it didn't. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Turns out I had a vacuum leak on top of the hose tree and my timing was way off. I thought it was 10 deg but I guess not. Now that the leak is plugged and the timing is right it seems to be running better. Thanks for the input all.
  3. Hello all. I have been trying to get my Mustang back on the road and have run into a issue with the tranny. The car has been sitting for sometime and I remember the trans working fine when I originally parked it, then it sat for about 5 years with no work on it. Since then I have replaced the fluid and the large filter in the pan, I didnt know about the small filter until I searched for issues in the forums so I will check that later. The tranny was rebuilt sometime ago (dont know how long) by my grandfather who has rebuilt many engines and trans. The tranny will engage reverse when cold,
  4. Hello all, I have recently gotten my 71 Stang up and running again after having it sit for about 3 years. Well atleast it runs for a little bit and then it starts to have some issues. I have replaced the intake and carb with a Jegs intake and a Edelbrock 500cfm 4 barrel carb. The issue I am having is that when the choke is on while warming up it runs just fine, but as soon as the choke shuts off the idle drops down and begins to stall out. If i give it more fuel the revs pick up and it will stay running. I though maybe this was a idle issue so I ran the idle screw in only to have the rpms jump
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