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  1. Nice! Welcome and you will find many tire/wheel related discussions here on the site.
  2. Yippee, my favorite show is back on the air! Seriously, can't wait to see where you take your project next.
  3. Was your car a drum to disc conversion? Before going back into the calipers, see if cracking open the bleeder screw releases the pressure from the brake so that the wheel spins freely. It may be a restriction not allowing the fluid to return to the master cylinder.
  4. Save the two tabs that hold the a/c box to the underside of the cowl.
  5. When teaching students, I refer to the 3 dots as the "meatballs". Amazing how tying in food references helps people remember. By the way, Google's little button made up of 9 squares, the "waffle". I learned the terminology at Google trainings years ago.
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