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  1. I'm going to have to supply an inertia switch. I have one from a Bronco II parts vehicle. Trying to decide where I want to put it. The Holley Sniper controls the fuel pump relay.
  2. Step 1 of E.F.I. swap) Installed the intank fuel pump.
  3. I had a neighbor have a spindle break off his El Camino at a stop sign (fortunately for him). Apparently the inner bearing can go bad, seize up and lead to that failure.
  4. These are 16" Crown Vic rims. I then added some VW clips to hold the dog dish hubcaps. I will swap to a slightly lower profile tire in the future.
  5. Nice! Welcome and you will find many tire/wheel related discussions here on the site.
  6. Yippee, my favorite show is back on the air! Seriously, can't wait to see where you take your project next.
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