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  1. I had the same distributor setup and ran into difficulty with 'noise' from the h.e.i. coil effecting the Sniper's reading of the rpm signal. Computer is only inches from the coil. I ended up going to a setup with the external coil.
  2. If that is the indication for servicing, I guess I am long overdue.
  3. I choose to purchase a four post for home for the same reasons others have mentioned and because I store the Mustang on top during the winter; parking my daily driver underneath. Drip pans can be added to keep the fluids from ending up on the car parked underneath. Mine is an inexpensive unit, it is not fast going up or down so I definitely would not have it in a working shop. I taught auto tech and may favorite lift was a Hunter alignment scissor lift. That one came with two pneumatic jacks that rolled along the inside rails to lift under the suspension. I am low tech at home using two of those small Harbor Freight aluminum floor jacks. One thing I wished I would have considered is getting the wider option to make getting a full size pickup on it easier.
  4. I just spent several days under my dash wiring in the new EFI. Never have I had such neck and shoulder pain... and it lasted for days! I'm sure it is not because I am getting older and more out of shape. It must be that the dash is getting closer to the floor. Darn gravity!
  5. Nice! It will be a real beauty when you get it all sorted out.
  6. Going from memory: Besides the actual mounting hardware (plastic wears out) and the inner and outer door seals at the top of the door that help keep down rattling, there are two adjustable felt tipped braces that hold pressure on the glass. Picture of one on eBay. Looks like felt is falling off.
  7. Those cast pieces can be bent. If the hood they came off of was lying around with pressure pushing up under the scoop, that would be an easy way for it to get misshapen. I got nailed in the right-rear quarter panel a few years back. The heavy, cast quarter panel extension piece didn't break, but it was no longer flat on the mounting side by about an inch.
  8. My wife's uncle came back from church with two black eyes. Of course everybody wanted to know how he got them. Here is his story. "I was minding my own business when we were all asked to rise. It was then that I noticed the lady if front of me with her dress tucked into her bum cheeks. It looked mighty uncomfortable and being as we were in church I thought it would be right good of me to pull it out for her. Apparently not as she turned around, gave me a quick dirty look and clocked me right in the eye!" Somebody added, "that explains one of the black eyes. What about the other?" Uncle scratched his chin and added "I figured I upset her pulling her skirt out of her crack. So thinking she wanted it there, I pushed it back in ." Black eye number two!
  9. Pretty much have the carb to E.F.I. swap done. It became more of a project than anticipated. Started with the Sniper 550 and an in-tank fuel pump but I discovered the GM style cap and coil on the aftermarket distributor was causing RF interference with the Holley computer. This resulted in massive fluctuations in the rpm signal. Fortunately, I was able to purchase a good used Holley dual spark distributor and a new coil. That took care of the problem. Haven't road tested it yet because the steering wheel is off as I wait for a new turn signal switch. One thing I discovered was the Holley unit would reboot when switching from crank back to run. Seems our ignition switches have a dead spot in them. Installed a delayed-off relay to take care of that.
  10. I believe you are referring to the hollow bolt that mounts the rear brake hose to the axle. That bolt doubles as the axle vent and normally includes a vent hose going into the crossmember above.
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