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  1. My experience has been that clicking on the time or number of posts links to the right of the listing take you to the very last post. Meaning I have to scroll backwards to find where I had left off. The old forum would take me right to the last post that I had read. It was very convenient and I miss that feature. Am I missing something (using an android tablet) or is that indeed gone?
  2. It seems as though when I am looking through the unread content and click on the '11 replies' it takes me to the final post and not the oldest one I hadn't read, like it used to.
  3. Warranty Number: 2F02F104560 Year: 2 1972 Plant: F Dearborn, MI Body Series: 02 SportsRoof Engine: F 302 2v V8 Unit: 104560 104560 Miscellaneous Vehicle Data Body: 63D SportsRoof Color: 6E Medium Bright Yellow Trim: AF Ginger All Vinyl, Standard Interior Date: D.S.O: 71 Los Angeles Axle: 6 3.00:1, Conventional Trans: W C4 Automatic
  4. Vinyl decal wall graphic I have seen on eBay
  5. Welcome. That is about what mine started as. :welcome2:
  6. How about some panel adhesive? Would seal as well.
  7. How are you going to tackle the missing "bowl" inlet? You could cut out the bottom and weld in a steel pet food dish.
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