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  1. No, no, no. You're thinking of headlight adjustment. ::laugh::
  2. At the time I rebuilt mine, the new aftermarket cowl had just come out. Having an a.c. car, I capped the bowl on the driver's side as there was no a.c. version. Big mistake! Clearance is needed for the windshield wipers as the linkage protrudes slightly into the bowl.
  3. Augh! Sorry you are having to experience this pain. I'm not going to say "loss" but instead say setback. I hope you bring her back better than ever!
  4. Here is what I was greeted with when I removed my windshield.
  5. If you plan on pulling it out with the mounting arms attached, take the grill out first or remove the lower valance. You will need the room.
  6. But where is the 7173mustang.com logo?
  7. Welcome! :welcome2: hope to see your progress in the individual-project-build-threads-and-blogs section.
  8. Even with the wheels you have, maybe some chrome lugs nuts and center cap? Something to accent and show depth. Could also paint them a lighter color. That is if you like the design (hard to see as they are very dark in the image).
  9. I used a Sunpro gauge when I changed from amp to volts. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-amps-to-volts-bolt-in-gauge
  10. I always check torque after anyone! Loose is dangerous and overly tight leads to warped rotors (hat style).
  11. I actually don't hate this. ::thumb:: I've tossed around the idea of replacing the sport lamps with some driving lights, but that's one of those "down the road" kind of things. Probably get a set of each to experiment with... I still want it to look basically stock without being amber and actually work (throw some good light). I was 16 and pulled the car from a salvage yard. Right rear spring broke behind the front eye and sent the guy for a ride. I think I had to replace a fender, door and windshield plus the leaf spring. The headlights and buckets were gone plus the grill was broken at both ends. If I recall, an F-150 donated its buckets and headlights with a little fiberglass to finish out the grill. A set of cheapo driving lights from Big N or Ames or whatever the store was at the time. Check out the homemade fiberglass scoop. My Mom did not appreciate that as I built it in an empty room upstairs in the house during the winter. Sold it when I got married. :( But years later I built the 72 I have now. :)
  12. Hi. It doesn't look like your images are getting the full URL. If you are using Google Photos to host your images, when you click on one you want to share, you should see some icons across the top right. The share icon (the 'acute angle') has the tool you want to use: 'Create link'.Hopefully that takes care of it for you.
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