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  1. And you go to car shows?! I can't believe you show your old nuts in public. :P
  2. How much oil would be needed when you have a blow out like that?
  3. I tightened the fan belts and then the wife and I went for ice cream cones. Yum!
  4. Yes, congratulations and it is very hard to see in the picture if the rear spoiler is backwards. Note the beveled end is at the rear. https://www.7173mustangs.com/gallery/5524_21_09_16_7_20_33.jpeg[/img] https://sites.google.com/site/computercarnut/rmrp2/Mustang0005.jpg[/img]
  5. If you end up having to keep them, you might try to crinkle coat them. Start with some high build primer to try and smooth as much as you can, sealer coat and then crinkle coat.
  6. I am thinking you might have a collapsed exhaust lifter. Found this pdf online from Compression Dynamics - Federal Mogul with readings to look for from a running "snap" test.
  7. Looking good! Keep those pictures coming. Very interesting build.
  8. It's going where the lighter was. Problem is that the lighter, now missing, is what holds the whole contraption to the dash. Gotta figure out how to grab on to the USB dongle without destroying it and without letting it spin. Maybe a couple of screws through the light compartment? Any way you can slot it and use a clip like a door or trunk lock?
  9. It would be nice if somebody made them with the factory look but backlit so the values where illuminated. I could even live with a digital odometer readout or a complete digital dash the looked factory. Modern internals - classic look!
  10. I suppose the honeycomb panel could have been added by someone but it, as well the missing argent paint, would make me leery. Plus no engine or undercarriage pictures. Sharp looking in black!
  11. I would definitely be checking the numbers stamped on the inner fenders regarding the 429 in the garage.
  12. My father's Boss (he has owned since 73) came with the optional sport caps. Although, he has always run Magnum 500s as long as I have been around. Your Boss is very sharp!
  13. I'm curious about the non-chrome front bumper. Is that something special on a Mexican Boss or was it swapped out by a previous owner?
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