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  1. I took the slapper bars off and put Caltrax on and it made a world of difference. I have 450hp at 4500rpm and 530 FTLb of torque
  2. I’m all for getting one when available
  3. Cool. How was the install? It wasn’t to bad the worst part was cutting and reflaring the brake lines and that wasn’t awful
  4. I have the master power brake kit front and rear and haven’t had any issues with it yet and I’ve had it for about two years and 4500 miles
  5. Got mine ordered. Thanks for doing the calendar
  6. [/url] 1971 coupe 408 stroker owner built
  7. I have heard that they designed their own heads and intake and have them built in China. And good luck getting it warranted. You cannot install the motor yourself unless you are ase certified otherwise they won’t warranty it
  8. Blue print engine’s also build a 408 stroker but they don’t warranty well and don’t use very quality parts. They say they are turnkey and don’t come with harmonic balancer or flex plate. They build them right here in Kearney Nebraska and I wouldn’t buy one from them
  9. It is a lot of fun to drive. I had 389 gears and do quite a bit of hiway driving so I changed them to 325 and still have a lot of power off the line I’m very pleased with it
  10. I have a 408 stroker built by proformance unlimited in Florida and it’s kicking 450hp and 530 ftlbs of torc at 4500rpm. You tell them what you want out of it and how you plan to drive it and they build it complete turnkey. Steve there is very knowledgeable about the parts and very easy to talk to
  11. I got a griffin radiator with dual electric fans it was kinda pricey but works well and comes with the relays and everything to wire it up and mounts easily the factory mustang mount works perfectly one side of the factory mounts is correct size the other side is to narrow if you get the upper and lower mounts for the other/wider side it bolts right up. I have over 500hp and absolutely no overheating problems
  12. I got a 20gal tank and sending unit kit from Laurel mountain mustang and my fuel gauge read full at 10gal of gas so when I put 20 gal in it said full until it got down to 10 gal then is started moving. I then got the scott drake sending unit with the brass float from cj pony parts and it reads just the oposite on the gauge. when I have 20 gal in the tank it reads full and I get it down to 10 gal it reads empty. anyone have any ideas on how to correct it or know of one that I can get that is correct.
  13. I’ll be doing tour Nebraska June 2&3 our in North Platte if anyone’s out that way let me know
  14. Finally got the number that the appraiser came up with and he put a 25,000 price on it. Said he couldn't find anything to get the price any higher for a coupe and said if it was a mach or a fastback he could have gone higher.
  15. Well last Tuesday I had a guy that is to be a professional appraiser look at the mustang to get an appraisal on it and still haven't heard back from him. Anyone have their car appraised and were you happy with the numbers you got back? I'm hoping to hear back from him this week sometime. website for uploading photos
  16. What shows are they from? I will probably see your car one of these days at a show. I thought about going to Kearney last week, but it was so hot. the large one is from St. Paul car show which is always the Saturday after the 4th of July which had around 500 cars this year. and the small one is from the 1st annual at windmill state park at the gibbon interchange along interstate 80
  17. two shows two trophies the big one is for runner up in modified mustang class and the small one is for best motor
  18. Finally got the 71 coupe done after 6 yrs of working on it. Its been since 2002 since it was last licensed and on the road. What a great feeling and it drives and sounds great.
  19. I am looking for the right splash shield for the rear of the fender anyone know where to get a new one or have one they will part with? please pm me and let me know. Thanks
  20. Got the hood assembled and installed along with the fenders. Let me know what you think.
  21. updated pics of the hood design with the hood and fenders on the car
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