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  1. Does anyone have information on what make(s) and model(s) of CB radios and antennas were offered as "official" Ford-endorsed dealer-installed accessories for the 1973 model year? I have that info from 1962 through 1968 (Raytheon Ray-Tel) and somewhat sketchy info for the late 1970s (Ford Aeronutronic, which were made by Motorola). I am trying to determine what kind of "correct" CB radio to install in my '73 F100 Explorer pickup. I suspect the antennas may have been left up to "dealer's choice", to be procured locally to meet the customer's needs. Any help appreciated.
  2. Anyone have a workable idea on how to reduce the boost from a stock power steering pump, without affecting the visual appearance? I hate that "pinky finger" power steering feel. Cheers, Dean
  3. Looking for a decent set of door speaker wiring harnesses. Need both sides. Don't have to be concours quality, but do have to be in good shape and not hacked up, with all connectors intact on both ends. Thanks, Dean
  4. [align=justify] Thanks for the tip. I was able to make a deal with the seller to buy the power window switches and wiring out of that green door! It never hurts to have some spares, especially when you're dealing with rare stuff! FORDially, Dean[/align]
  5. Yesterday, I repaired a stress crack in the base of my right-hand sport mirror. I guess "repaired" is the wrong term. I whipped up some JB Weld and slathered it on the inside of the pot metal casting to help stop it from cracking any further. I don't want to replace it because that would involve paint work (which gets mighty expensive for small jobs!).
  6. Back about 1990 or so, we drove the '72 convertible from the Dallas area to the Wilmington, Delaware, area to visit family. All told, it was about a 4,000 mile round trip. At that time, the car was still an unrestored original. After restoration, which was completed in the spring of 1991, the longest round trip was probably 200 miles to a distant show.
  7. I'm looking for a '72 factory AM/FM stereo radio and a pair of original door speakers. My car has an aftermarket radio and generic replacement speakers installed at the moment. I could use the speaker wiring harnesses, too, as mine have been hacked up by a previous owner. Thanks! Dean
  8. An old friend of mine used to deal in used Mustang parts, specialising mainly in '65-'66. This was back in the 1990s. I ran across a scruffy (but complete) 6-cylinder '65 Mustang hardtop moldering away in back of one of those "We Tote The Note" used car lots. The manager said he'd take $250 for it. I called Bob and told him about it, and he rushed down there the next day with his trailer and made the purchase. A few days later when he was taking apart the dash, underneath the remains of the cardboard glove box insert he found $125 in cash! Did he share any of that with me? Nope. :@
  9. Miss Cindy shot this "over the hood" picture of downtown Dallas from the right seat of our '72 convertible on our way home from the North Texas Mustang Club's display of members' cars at the State Fair of Texas back in late September, 2001. We're on the IH-30 overhead coming into downtown from the east. The second shot is our car parked in the Classic Car Corrall at the Fair that day. Since it was only about three weeks after the 9/11 attacks, there was a lot of patriotism (notice Old Glory draped over the back of the car). Cheers, Dean
  10. Welcome! Where are you located in Sweden? I've been there twice. I enjoyed both visits very much. Are there many Mustangs in Sweden? I know they're popular everywhere around the world. Back in 2003, I accompanied my wife on a business trip to Gothenburg. When I was parking our Ford Mondeo rental car in a parking garage down the street from our hotel, I spotted a very nice Vintage Burgundy '65 Mustang convertible with the cool dealer-installed light-up grille ornament! I was quite surprised, so I snapped a photo of it. Photo attached. Cheers, Dean
  11. Kit is correct about what's incorrect on the purple convertible. Overall, though, I think it's a nice looking car. I'd prefer the color to be just a bit darker, more like Plymouth's infamous "Plum Crazy", and in that case, I'd have done the striping and two-tone hood in argent rather than black. And with that white interior? Yummy! The bumper guards are correct for '71 and '72 cars. They are known within the Mustang hobby as "high protection guards" because they stick up above the bumpers. On '73 cars, they are known as "low protection guards" because they hang down below the rear bumper. Front guards were not installed on '71-'72 models that were equipped with urethane front bumpers, and they were not used at all in '73 because all models had urethane front bumpers. In all three years, the bumper guards are part of an option package known as the "Protection Group", which also included body side moldings that were stainless steel with rubber inserts (for door ding protection). These were not installed on Mach 1s or other models with side stripes because they interfered with the placement of the stripes. FORDially, Dean [/align]
  12. Hi, y'all! I'm Dean, a new member from the Dallas / Fort Worth area. My car is a '72 convertible (VIN 2F03F120758, it's listed in the registry, with several photos). I'm a long-time member of the North Texas Mustang Club (since 1987). Do we have any other NTMC members on here?
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