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  1. That Holley won't bolt to the 73 spreadbore intake. A good option to keep it mostly stock would be a 70-71 M-code iron intake with a carb of your choice. You may need to run a small spacer for the butterflies to clear the bores on the mounting pad.


    sorry about that , thought i gave part number for Holley spread bore carb .

  2. My trans swap project is stalled out due to back ordered parts.

    another item holding me up is a replacement torque convertor.


    I Pmed 'Precision transmissions' and the suggestion was going to a CJ torque convertor and installing a CJ flywheel with the 8 nut 9" bolt pattern.


    a few issues for me with that route.


    1) people have reported bad performance with this combo due to being out of the engine's power band and swapping to a lower rpm stall convertor later worked better for them.


    2) I would need to change my flywheel, and to be perfectly honest i do not want to spend the extra money and time to do this. i have something that is proven to work just fine and with all the other issues i do not want to rock the boat.


    3) I'm not sure i want the high stall of a CJ its hard to find specs that agree on the stall speed.


    So this is where I'm at, there are so many torque convertors in various price ranges i have no idea what i should commit to.


    i need a torque convertor with these specs:


    C-6, 1.375 PILOT, 11 7/16" dia 4 BOLT PATTERN, 351C 2V converted to a 4V making about 290 HP engine.


    I used what i believe was a stock stall convertor for the last 5 years, and it worked fine, my engine does have launch issues when cold, but once warmed up i can chirp and burn out the tires a little, i would not mind trying something with a higher stall but i do not want to go much crazier then stock, it is a street and traffic car with lots of highway driving.


    My old convertor has bad mechanical damage to the input shaft area and it is filled with clutch junk and transmission pieces due to mechanical failure, so i cannot reuse it. there is no manufacturer on the old convertor just a parts number that i can not find anywhere: #120307

    the old converter was also about 12-12.5" diameter(hard to measure).


    So I'm stuck, i don't know what i should get, so i turn to you suggest something :).




    http://www.tciauto.com/tc/c6-street-roddertm-torque-converterhtml this might work for you
  3. Had one of those moments the other day couple of guys stopped to look at my mach 1 and one mentioned he was building a ford truck . He put a boss 302 from a 1976 mustang and a 4 speed powerglide trany in it. I stopped myself from busting out laughing and told him i really wanted to see this truck. We traded contact info but i doubt i will ever hear from them

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