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  1. a non functioning pcv system can and will cause oil leaks , mine used to leak a little oil and i noticed my pcv was plumbed to carb but the oil filler cap was not plumbed to breather i added a hose to vent the filler cap to my breather and have not leaked anymore oil since
  2. I think there are two screws going into the dash pad from the bezel , if you got those two , remove radio and heater controls so center bezel can drop down a bit and slide out
  3. No staggered on mine it's just a lowly 73 H code , but plan on converting later down the line
  4. I really wish they would leave the old name plates alone and let them rest in piece , Granted they have come a long way in performance and handling , But they need to get the car designers off crack first so they can design something that looks decent .I may be the only one that feels this way but I have not liked nothing they have built and sold since 75 . A lot of names should have never been brought back and some should have been dropped as well . Just my 2 cents
  5. I usually don't like remakes of many songs but this one i like :salute:
  6. Quadrajunks are a picky carb , have rebuilt many over the years ,some worked great and some i have spent weeks on trying to get right ( and they never worked right )and when you run into that problem with them i found it best to chunk it in the trash and buy a Holley
  7. Thunder, The hose on the right of carb is the full time vac port. That is the one i want to use for the gauge correct? When i start messing with the 2 mixture screws will i have to adjust the idle speed at all during the process? yea that is the one i used to set mine with , you don't want to adjust the idle until you get the highest vacuum reading on gauge if it will not stay running at 500 or so rpm's adjust to lowest idle that it will stay running and adjust mixture screws . then readjust to normal idle. Also you do not want full vacuum at idle you want the timed vacuum port on dist. ( no vacuum at idle , but vacuum when throttle opens ) if you have vacuum at idle timing is advanced fully at idle speed
  8. run the mixture screws in all the way , do not crank down on them just snug and then turn out 2 full turns each Hook up your vacuum guage to the intake manifold port of the carb (sucks at idle). Set you rpm around 500 - 550 rpms ( too high of an idle and you bypass the idle circuit ) then adjust the mixture screws to obtain the highest vacuum reading on the gauge , then readjust idle to normal . that should take care of it
  9. ::welcome:: From Mobile Alabama
  10. That I can replicate. It does log you out but you have to refresh the page. I just did a security update today so thee may be a few minor issues lingering until I can get all the bugs out. good deal,thought it might have been something on my end
  11. Fatal error: Call to undefined function my_unserialize() in /home/bigmackt/public_html/7173mustangs.com/index.php on line 348 got this when i hit log out button http://www.7173mustangs.com/search.php?action=results&sid=e5c944ca775e54c9b1698d7c6e6b760a
  12. Great new Russ!!!! Thanks for the update Brother , Wishing you all the best for the next round
  13. ::welcome:: from Mobile Alabama
  14. One thing i do to check is pull number 1 plug and remove valve cover then take a piece of small vacuum hose ( the size for dist. advance ) insert into number one cylinder then rotate engine until number one plug is at top of travel and make sure both intake and exhaust valves are closed for number 1 cylinder ( that will be the compression stroke ) and see where dist. is pointing to . takes any guess work out that way
  15. rofl rofl rofl Ok i am stealing the bunny pic
  16. i believe the three piece is for the 71 Boss 351 with ram air
  17. Hey Russ if you are not going to put letters back on i would recommend getting one of these http://www.harborfreight.com/welding-spoon-66785.html and then break out the welder and fill them in , later on done the road the filler may break loose leaving you with the holes in your body work , I would glaze the scratches if they are not to deep . But i would let Scott chime in on that one ,it has been a while since i have done a lot of body work and i am still reading up to refresh myself with anything i may have forgotten Plus i am stealing all of Scotts ideas and suggestions he throws up here as well
  18. slides out a little time consuming I replaced the one on passenger side of mine took a bit of tugging but came out and new one slides back in tight going back in as well . Got mine from Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply It has been a while since i did mine and if i remember correctly i spread mine open just a bit . someone will chime in with a better way of doing it i am sure
  19. ::welcome:: from Mobile Alabama
  20. Congrats Mark ::beer:: I knew i would not win one but entered anyway lollerz
  21. LOL Thanks Scott i knew you would come along with a good suggestion , that was the first one i came across when i did a quick internet search , thought it would give Russ an idea of what to use
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