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  1. To due this shift linkage must be adjusted properly . 1 loosen the lock rod retaining nut. 2 place shifter in drive position tight against the drive stop 3 Align the hole in the steering column socket casting with the column alignment mark and insert a 0.180 diameter gauge pin ( no. 15 drill bit ) the column casting must not rotate with the gauge pin in position 4 Torque the lock rod retaining nut to 10-20 ft-lbs. 5 remove the gauge pin and check the linkage for proper adjustment
  2. How did you paint the letters? Looks great! I need the end of the floor pan to the firewall myself on the passenger side (and one side under the back seat). Nice Job! Been looking for an idea or someone to do it for me. I cannot fabricate parts. Thanks Jeremy , I went to the local hobby store and picked up a pack of small paint brushes the size i used was 1/4 inch
  3. Nah, no damage running open headers . yea standard gauge will be fine
  4. Yours has the fmx trans so the neutral safety/back up light switch is located on the shifter instead of the trans itself , so when you put it in reverse lights will come on , double check the fluid level to see if it is low . if i remember right it is the port on the drivers side front of the carb you want to hook vacuum gauge to and also run your idle screw down till it is idling at about 550 to 600 rpm's and adjust mixture screws to highest vacuum . ( anything above 600-700 rpm you bypass the idle circuit and can't really get a good setting )
  5. Its dual perpuse...lol....just a plastic bag and it becomes a air dam like 18 wheelers have..It forces the air up and over the trailer your halling ;) hehe jk I figured the trash bag was used as the parachute to stop that speed demon :whistling:
  6. Run mixture screws all the way in turn out 2 full turns and hook up vacuum gauge start motor and adjust till you get the highest vacuum reading on gauge and you should be okay
  7. ::welcome:: From Mobile , Alabama
  8. [/align][align=center][align=left][/align] Spring perch's 38.00 for the pair, coil spring insulator's 8.00 for the pair , rubber strut rod bushing's 18.00, outer tie rod end's 25.00 for the pair, lower control arms 40.00 for the pair , upper control arm 55.00 plus shipping cost
  9. Rockauto has the three port for $17.46 its listed under the electrical&switch-relay section, the scroll to ported vacuum not sure how much the shipping is, shouldn't be more than 5 or 6 buck's http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/raframecatalog.php
  10. rofl rofl :goodone: Left myself wide open for that one
  11. nothing like that asbestos itch ::blah:: :D
  12. My self i am a firm believer in zinc and phosphorous in motor oil to prevent wear , as i see it if it was not needed they would not have put in there in the first place , I use Valvoline VR1 20w-50 .
  13. what type headers do you have ? Did you get the Summit brand or is it the Pypes brand exhaust system ?
  14. You may have to have the pipe's tweaked a bit so they will fit here is how mine are run
  15. when you have them turned in what are the pipes hitting ? I just went and put mine on ramps and took a couple pics got to log out and load but will post them in a few minutes
  16. c6 or fmx trans ? Okay manual say's to place shifter in D position up against the D stop , then undo linkage and manually place trans. in D ,be sure that shifter has not moved and then tighten linkage
  17. Loosen the nut at the bottom of the shifter, on the pushrod slot. Manually put the trans in park. Put the shifter in park. Tighten the nut. If the shift lever is floppy and loose, replace the nylon grommets in the lever pivot.
  18. Mallory unilite dist have a optical ignition module inside the dist. if you order the unilite dist. order a extra module in case the one in the dist goes bad , most part stores do not carry them. When i got my mustang the alternator wasn't charging and i jumped the regulator and it blew the module in the dist. i had to wait three weeks for them to arrive in the mail plus i bought 2 so i would have a spare plus dist is small enough to run ram air
  19. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MAA-4756701/ i have this on mine have to run coil with it but it works great but buy an extra http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MAA-605/
  20. http://techpatio.com/2009/fun/funny-cars-smamborghini-smustang
  21. From the past 10 years, about 95% of Chevy trucks are still on the road. The rest made it home Have you seen the new speed limit signs? They say "Speed limit 65, Chevys-do the best you can Thats not a leak, my Chevy's just marking its territory "Chevy, built like a rock and runs like one too."
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