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  1. What in the world is an "onion snow"? I never heard that expression! A light snow in late spring, after onions have been planted
  2. Here's what 80,000lbs(40 tons) moving at 70mph+ does. pretty graphic(but, no gore). http://rmirror.net/r/videos/comments/q5hu9/car_accident_nsfl/
  3. Yea i had to cut the pod a good bit , let me see if i still have pics , computer crashed and lost a bunch of pics
  4. I used the 2 1/16" gauges and installed them from the back , Was a time consuming PITA but looks much better
  5. ::welcome:: From Mobile, Al
  6. Got an extra set of front disc brake spindles, need to be blasted and painted to make them look nice again But no rust on the spindle where bearings go. I do not have the bearings or nut's or cotter pins for them. just bare spindles
  7. Thanks Brother it will come in handy this summer when i re do my weather stripping been picking up pieces here and there
  8. Have Facebook and Myspace talk to a couple of old friends and the occasional talk with the ex lol have a couple new friends on there from mustang sites and car clubs
  9. Hey Russ how much to ship to zip 36582
  10. flange bolts to column with the use of T bolts the T bolts in my previous picture you put them in from the bottom of housing and barely start the nuts on the threads then slide the housing down making sure that the T bolts go into slots on column then tighten them down and it holds everything in place
  11. In that case then we just doubled someone's chance to win as i entered this morning as well lollerz
  12. Thats what i was thinking as well until i saw that in the chart NL2 - non locking 2 pinion, NL4 - non locking 4 pinion, L - locker from what i gathered the 4 pinion is a heavy duty rear end
  13. I have decided to go with 3.25's be a little better than 2.75's plus with a lot of highway use and cruising i think anything more would hurt me
  14. Got it. WES-T1 is a conventional removable carrier axle, I think that makes it easier to change gears. Also is a 2-pinion setup whatever that means. Info came from my Ford shop manual volume one pages 15-10-03/15-10-20. Okay now i feel a little dumb lollerz In the center of this photo is a square block with 4 small gears around it. Those are the pinion gears 2 pinion diffs have the two gears on the long shaft only. The 4 pinion unit adds the 2 extra gears on the short shafts.
  15. Thanks for the quick response Guys very helpful !! thanks Rick for that site i will save that one as well the one i was looking at showed the WES-T as 69-70 only and i knew this came from a 73
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