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  1. this came off the rear end i plan on putting in my 73 but i want to fresh it up before i do . WES-T 3EB 2.75 9 951C any help in decoding would be appreciated
  2. Thought i would post if anyone is interested, on their Facebook page.Up at the top of our page just to the side of the "likes" ticker you'll see a four leaf clover with a link to our Sweepstakes. At 8:00 a.m. central time Friday morning the link will go live and be open to accept registrations.
  3. I made sure she knew the smell of CO when I pulled in front of her at the next light. lollerz ::thumb:: The good thing is the engine is much louder without the mufflers. Bad thing is the wife knows what time you are coming home from a night out with the boys...and so does everyone else in the neighborhood. in my teenage years had headers and mufflers bolted to them and had turn downs on the mufflers right under my feet, was a little loud and my neighbor always complained about the noise so at least twice a month i would unbolt the mufflers and fire it up about 2 o'clock in the morning and cruise the block a couple of times :whistling:
  4. Good deal , got to get a tank for mine soon, been changing filter pretty frequent due to rust
  5. install with float in down position and the fuel line hook up faces toward the front of car at a slight upward angle and the wire hook up is on top
  6. Sorry Thunder that was meant at Ken only:D LOL Gotta remember Roy.....the yellow mustang contingent on the forum is pretty big! Thunder.....thanks for stepping in! :salute:
  7. this might help out, scroll down to brackets and hardware http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/mc/install_items/general.shtml
  8. lollerz all in good fun, had a couple pink Mopars before but the mustang just doesn't look right in pink
  9. Just as long as it is not this color :D
  10. x 1 I like Yellow and black myself :D
  11. coming along nicely Scott, Didn't really want to hear the door was a PITA cause i have to repair my drivers door along the bottom as you did on your door, but oh well all a part of the fun
  12. Hey Russ hows it going brother, I thought you might like this site, think i have been here a year and have not found another site where the members are as friendly and eager to help someone with questions or problems. Very supportive group of guys here
  13. I think the spacer may raise the air cleaner to high, let me look and see if i have a spare distributor. Had a couple but do not know if i still have them.will let you know this weekend
  14. Glad you're feeling better , a little is better than not at all
  15. ::welcome:: Russ From Mobila, Al. Glad to have you aboard. A lot of great guys here to help with any question you may have
  16. I posted..My freind builds alot of drag cars..I already got a cam from comp for my mustang ready to be dropped in... with a 5.25 lift..So im good for now...But he is working on a few cars right now...A 70 camaro big block all out drag car...Trick flow heads and JE pistons....He hasnt picked out a cam for it...And a 69 camaro small block car..So i said give that link a shot..worth a try..lol Free cam is always worth a shot :D
  17. I have always liked Comp Cams, but i have heard some good things about their VooDoo cams. Might have to try one
  18. ::welcome:: From Mobile, Al.
  19. Let me know if you do this , they also go on how many likes it has as well might can help out
  20. ::welcome:: From Mobile, Al
  21. was browsing today and ran across this http://www.streetlegaltv.com/news/lunati-powertvs-great-30-cam-giveaway-coming-soon-get-ready/ any grind of your choice or custom grind
  22. I got the 13 inch Grant in my Mach 1 but it seems kinda small for me going to switch out to the 15 inch pretty soon
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