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  1. my 1st job I worked as a cleanup guy in a local mechanic shop, after that I went to work at walmart had a dispute with the new boss after a change in management went to school to be a C.N.A, found out that for 1 they lied when they said itd be easy to get hired in the nursing field as a guy and 2 I love to help people but Im not made for that kinda work I guess, and now im just hoping that I get my call back from home depot tomorrow XP I think I should just go to school to get certified in welding I can stick weld pretty good lol, thankfully ive got a supportive girlfriend and family and im still young enough to do most anything.
  2. when I first started to play in my 73 the previous owner apparently had some kinda issue with the throttle cable (were it ties into the pedal) because while running up and down a side road in the middle of the nowhere my pedal just hits the floor, the cable had came off the pedal so no real harm done other than that little heart attack when the pedal just hits the floor without your permission -_- and just an fyi you cant silicone a throttle cable to the pedal :/
  3. how bad is it rusted out, just floors, cowl and the trunk area, or are the torque boxes also rusted out? im broke right now but im saving up for another car to use an a doner car, but more likely mine will be the doner tho XD (ive got a 1973 coupe but its real rough)
  4. 2.89 in walker county Alabama XP that's for the cheap stuff tho
  5. ive been shooting since I was about 8 how do I get that little 1911 badge?
  6. to start off I just wanna go ahead and say that what im asking about is a ways off ive still got plenty of rust in my way right now :P but what motor should I run in this car? I'm looking for something that's going to sound mean and deep be reliable (reliability is a big one) but not be bore to drive and get half@ssed mileage like 10-12 id be happy (im getting around 8 with the 429/c6 and 3.73s) Im thinking a 302 would lighten things up and sound good but I don't know if ill be able to make the power I want without having to really spend a lot of cash on it, this is a ways off but id realllylike some direction and yall haven't steered me wrong yet:D
  7. the only camera i have is in my ipod sooooo yeah Xp its blurry ik
  8. thats what i thought but the back seat is upholstered identically but fits perfect too. how many other years have matching back seats? (coupe btw)
  9. i think they are original but I've never seen any with that kind of upholstery on them but the back seat matches and fits like an original I'm planning on reupholstering all the seats and i wanted to know if i have to go get original frames or if these would work? it cant really been seen in the picks but on the back of the seat (well were my back goes you know?) theres like little square places. i dont know how to explain it its like 2 rows of 5 squares all cloth.
  10. well the big block probly dont help the flexing, my dad does alot of fabrication and machine work i think its time i call him by the house XD at least for this
  11. yeah thats what the last guy did i think (smells like bondo at least) i dont even know how it could rust there to start with?
  12. Dont worry about what you dont know, ive only been on this sigh a few months and i have learned soooooo much i could not have even gotten my car this far with out these guys, theyre good people :)
  13. sooooo turns out a corner of my roof is bondo? how do i patch this?
  14. wow thanks for all the replys yall are always a big help when working or even just planning future work X) i think im going to go with RAAMmat i think its exactly what i need
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