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  1. Yes this car was at Mecum. It brought 45000 which was decent money considering 95% of the people there that were actually buying/bidding were dealers looking to buy something below market so they could retail it back at their home dealership. It was definitely one of the nicer cars that was there on the weekend I was there and I'm not just saying that because it's mine. There was a lot of junk there! If you ever want to buy something from them make sure you are there in person. Those stage lights hide a ton of issues!! I really would love if someone from this site buys it because I know it will be appreciated and cared for. I will definitely suggest to the new owner to join this site you guys are fantastic.
  2. Hey fellas.. I have my Mustang on eBay for sale in case anyone is interested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121907598031?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Thanks for all the help and advice during the restoration. You guys are awesome.
  3. Well guys, the folks at Reliable Carrier came and picked up my Mustang on Friday. It is being transported down to Florida for the Mecum Auction. It is being auctioned off on Saturday January 16th. Here is the link to the page. https://www.mecum.com/lot-detail/FL0116-236790/0/1971-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-Fastback/4-Speed/
  4. Well… I know it's been awhile. Here are some photos I took today of the car pretty much done. I have a couple odds and ends left to straighten out but this is the culmination of about a year and a half of work on this car. I am still trying to locate a correct length snorkel so I can hook up the hot air hose. Other than that its a wrap. Enjoy the photos, let me know what you think. (THAT MILEAGE IS ORIGINAL!) Interior is all original too. I found this, it may or may not be helpful. Chuck http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/d0gy-9a626-a.html?attribs=87 Never seen one that can be used w/a ram air kit. thought it had t hose that attaches straight downward? The Ram Air / plenum unit hooks up directly with the air cleaner. The Snorkel does have an opening at the bottom where it hooks up with the exhaust port from the side of the motor. The hot air duct hose connects those two.
  5. My 1971 429 Mach 1 with F60-15 steel wheels / trim rings / hub caps came with a full sized spare. Just another example of inconsistent things that occurred during the building / assembling of these cars.
  6. A while back I had a request to post some up close shots of the 15x7 original steel wheels I acquired. Sorry for the delay, but here's a couple shots.
  7. Can anyone that has a 429 CJ ram air mustang confirm the length of the snorkel? I'm thought I had an original one here but it stops directly over the passenger side valve cover and does not allow me to hook up the hot air duct hose. I think it's the wrong snorkel. I went on the 429 megasite but there's no information on length. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Just finished painting. Pretty happy with the result. Still needs final buffing and finish work. Finished in the original dark green metallic with the two tone argent.
  9. Here's a before and after picture of the engine bay. The original (and only) owner got a little crazy in this engine bay when he was in his early 20's. It took a lot of time and detail to get it looking like it does. Credit to the 429 mustang cougar megasite because without that it would have taken me a lot longer to get things looking right. I have the ram air set up almost ready to go on. This is the current progress.
  10. After checking eBay, Perogie, Mustang Masters, Mustangs Unlimited, Ohio Mustang, Kentucky mustang, and every other place I could think of I could not locate this choke stove. So… I started looking for people selling the 429CJ Mustang intake manifold. After a couple days of sending questions to people I found a guy on Craigslist who had one. He had taken it off the manifold he was selling and was planning on throwing it out because he had no idea what it was. Part saved and put back on its original set up!
  11. Ok.. the next battle has begun. The original owner (ridiculously) changed the carburetor from the Rochester to a Holley. Luckily he hung on to the original carburetor. Unfortunately he lost the choke set up that bolts to the intake manifold. I've been calling around all day and have had no luck locating one. I have to call Perogie and OMS tomorrow. I believe they call it a "choke stove" or "divorce choke" set up for the original Quadrajet carb that I have. Anyone know where I can get one or maybe someone has one hoarded away that they would be willing to sell?
  12. Finally got the clutch issue beat. The correct clutch kit for the 1971 Mach 1 429CJ 4 speed with the large input diameter is a Ram clutch part number RAM-88883. 12" inch pressure plate long style. Thanks again to Chuck for pointing me in the Ram clutch direction.
  13. Hey Ray. My original Bill of sale and Marti report both confirmed the 15 inch steel wheels. My car is actually one of one in its Green Metallic/argent paint with 429CJ 4 speed and 15 inch steel wheels. I did end up buying this set that you posted on here. Like you said, a bit pricey but good luck finding a replacement full set.
  14. Chuck. Thank you for directing me to RAM clutches. I believe I have found what I was looking for. My pressure plate was "B" quality so it was for the larger input shaft diameter. They have a 12" long style pressure plate that is for the larger input shaft. It should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks again. -Jim
  15. I beleive you need an 11.5" clutch. Yeah. I have the original manual in front of me and its showing that the pressure plate diameter and the clutch disc both measure 11.5. I'm looking to see if someone on here has changed out a stock clutch kit and replaced it without issue. If they have, I'm looking to see what they used (part numbers would be helpful). Thanks.
  16. Alright guys… I've come across an issue here. We have the motor installed in the car. If you have been following this thread you know I have a matching numbers 429CJ with the original 4 speed Toploader. So.. the original clutch was smoked and needed to be replaced. I contacted David Kee Toploader and they gave me a McLeod part number MCL-75148 which includes the pressure plate and throwout bearing. We go to install it, the 11 inch disc is too small and the pressure plate does not line up with the bell housing. SO.. I call McLeod again and this time they give me a different part number with a 12 inch disc (MCL-75135) and get the explanation that they went away from the 3 prong style to the diaphragm style which is why they need the bigger disc for this application. We get the new set up and everything lines up perfectly. So, good to go right? Well, we install the clutch, bolt up the transmission, and the motor won't spin. We pull the transmission back off, motor still won't spin. We pull off the bell housing, now the motor spins freely. We find paint transfer from the pressure plate hitting the bell housing. So now the 12" inch disc that lined up with the holes correctly is obviously too large for the bell housing. So here we are, Saturday morning, McLeod and David Kee are both closed for the weekend. :@ Can anyone tell me the CORRECT clutch kit for the 1971 RUG-AZ1 top loader transmission? From what the "experts" have told me the three prong style is basically obsolete now and everyone is going to the diaphragm because the three prongs are impossible to find and no one is remanufacturing them. With so many 429 set ups here in this club I hope someone here can steer me in the right direction. Thanks fellas.
  17. Thanks brother! Will do. Now, anyone have a contact for radiator restoration? I brought my radiator to two local places and both said it has too many leaks to repair. I them it was original to the car and I wanted to preserve originality and the date code and they all said it's too far gone. Any suggestions or am I SOL?
  18. Chuck, It does jive with the build date. The car was ordered on 4/2/71 and built on 4/23/71… so a 2nd week of March 71 is definitely correct for this car. The owner has been dead on with everything else I've uncovered with this car so he knows if that radiator has been out or not. I suppose it is just an "anomaly" where it was numbered incorrectly. Everything else shows that it is the proper radiator for the 429 4 speed CJ. Ah well, onward! I will be taking the hood off to paint. Sad to say, the windshield will not be staying. It suffered a crack at the bottom of the windshield that I do not think is repairable. Anyone know of any good places to get an original windshield that would be appreciated.
  19. Ok.. so here's a head scratcher. I am getting ready to bring the "original" radiator that was in my 71 429 4 speed mach 1 to get re-cored. I check the numbers on it to verify originality like I have been doing throughout this project and pictured is what I see. I check the number in multiple places online and I can't find it anywhere. I call the original owner and he says the radiator has never been out of that car. It is a "fomoco" stamped part. The number is not what any of the sites say it should be.... but I can't find the number anywhere. It is a cross flow and it is 13 fins per inch. Thoughts??
  20. I ended up getting one from Mustang Masters in Florida. They had a January 69' block which was exactly what I needed as my car was built on February 2nd 1969. All of the original parts I have (intake, exhaust manifold, heads, water pump) are all dated January 69' so this block is perfect. Thank you to everyone who replied and tried to help!
  21. Yes I am definitely going the restoration route. I could have easily just cleaned up the 390 block and passed the problem along to the next guy but I'm not wired that way. I want things done correctly so the next guy can really enjoy it.
  22. That would be great! Thank you!
  23. Thank you. I saw that one on there. Unfortunately that's a "A" block or Police Interceptor block. I'm looking for a "C" block which is correct to my Cobra Jet car. I appreciate you taking the time to look it up though.
  24. Got her all in primer. All that is left to do is block sand it. Then we will paint the engine bay and install the engine. After that is done we will complete painting the car. Lot of fun.
  25. I know this is a 1971-73 Mustang site…. and I have my 71' 429CJ car… however, I just purchased a 1969 Mustang Q Code 4 speed car and after tearing the engine apart I found out that the top end of the motor was all 428CJ and the bottom half (block, crank, pistons) were all a 390… so now I am on the hunt for a 428 Cobra Jet block/engine and I was hoping one of you fine people may have a connection that may have one of these blocks for sale. I would very much appreciate any help in this search. Thank you in advance. -Jim
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