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  1. Rebuilt the Edelbrock 1405 carb. The float valves were waaaay off. Put it on, and the car runs like a beast now. Just what it needed :) Hopefully this will solve my start-up issue. It was like the car wasn't getting fuel unless I really pumped the accelerator. Took it for a ride and everything is great. Didn't even have to play with the mixture screws, Edelbrock had that just right.
  2. Def worth more than that. Looks really nice, wax will make it look even better. After a nice clay barring, polishing, and wax, you will have a mirror finish. Best thing in the world. Your car reminds me so much of mine when I first got it. Mine is 5M- Medium Copper, instead of medium brown. It also had the ginger interior and vinyl on the top. 302 c4 as well. Now it has new paint which shines real nice in the sun. I just got done washing mine as well :)
  3. :goodone: That'll make the crooks scratch their heads. It sounds like the nuts under the turn signal plate may be a little loose. Nuts under the turn signal plate? That must be the metal part of the steering column I am looking at. Let me go see right now. Just got done moving the car and giving it a nice soapy wash. Also took off the front lic plate. I need it in my state but I see so many people that drive without one. Lets see how lucky I am. (btw, I am not a law breaker haha, this is probably the first thing I did illegally on purpose. I swear, Im a good kid ;) )
  4. Hey, your information was great. This starter is super heavy. The first time I held one from this car I was in disbelief of how heavy it was. I think Ill pick up a new starter sometime this season. As of right now, I think I am going to focus on why my car takes forever to actually get going. It is a fuel problem, and I think the rebuild of the carb will fix it right away. I just got back from the parts store with a kit. Now I just need some more free time. My Acura is going in the shop soon because my catalytic converter bolts rusted out and it is no longer attached to the exhaust pipe. Sometimes I hate having two cars to worry about. Lol!
  5. So, I went outside and went to turn the car on in park. It worked. You know how the steering column has a "rotating" piece of metal that can turn a little to the left and right? When I turn it all the way to the left my shifter moves forward a bit and I can start the car in park. So it just seems like my linkage just needs adjustment. Or I can keep it this way for an anti-theft device. Who would think to move parts of a steering column to start the car in park? lol. No, I will fix it. Next is to rebuild the carb. I do this every year after winter, but haven't gotten around to it yet with college in the way. I graduate in two weeks! Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. Very excited. More time for my car. I can finally be more active on this site as well. Usually, I don't come on in the winter because it tortures me to see people driving their cars in beautiful weather. Meanwhile, it is snowing where I am. ;)
  6. Wow! I didn't even notice the dome light in that picture. I really thought it was just posters and stuff on your wall. That is so creative! Welcome from Rhode Island
  7. Hey all!! I think I have great news! I put the car in neutral and went to crank it over. Car cranked over and came to life this morning. SO, problem is most likely the neutral safety switch on the tranny right? Fairly easy to replace so long as you can get the car jacked up high enough right? I remember rebuilding the transmission, and I think we used the old part. I should have just put a new one on right there and then. Thank you so much guys. You all have so much information about these cars its crazy. Edit: They are pretty expensive aren't they? Before I replace it, if my car only starts in neutral and not park, that does mean it is the neutral safety that is malfunctioning, right?
  8. Sorry, no status yet. I am at work right now. Its pretty late right now, but Ill try to do it when i get home. Cross your fingers and toes!
  9. Thank Paul! It sucks because it is finally nice outside for car rides. Not too hot, and dry clean streets. Yet my car is in my yard with a cover on it. Oh yea, just found a nice rip in this car custom cover that cost me over $400. I cant even remember what site I bought it from to replace it. :(
  10. Are you talking about the two wires that push on the two small front solenoid "bolts"? Let me reverse those and see if that gets me anywhere. However, the problem existed before I even touched the old solenoid or wires. So they were in the right way before.
  11. Sorry I was mistaken. Lights work with the key in and the dome light works when I open my car door. Horn works (not sure if that matters, electrical stuff isn't my thing). -My alternator light does go on when the key is in the "on" position. -New solenoid -New fuse linkage -New battery -Starter turns over when you connect the two ends of the solenoid Car just doesn't even try to turn over when I turn the key.
  12. Oh! almost forgot.. The headlights will not turn on either, even with the key turned in the on position. Not sure if that can help pinpoint my problem? Any more ideas?
  13. Okay, its not the starter. The car turns over when I make a connection between the positive and negative sides of the solenoid. All the fuses are good. My dad suspects it has something to do with my ignition since all the wires are getting juice. We are going to take the steering wheel assembly apart and see if its something in there. Not really sure what I should be looking for. This wi be the first time I look into parts of the ignition inside the car. I looked up parts of the igniton and quite honestly, I dont know any of them. What is normally replaced in these cars?
  14. Okay. So Ill check all connections again and give them all a good scrubbing with a brass brush. I believe most of the wiring in the engine bay is all original stuff. Maybe I have a burnt wire somewhere. So far I know it has something to do with my starter. Ill check it all tomorrow after class. Thanks, Ill let you guys know if I see anything.
  15. Car: 73' 302 4bbl automatic Early this spring I noticed my car would take forever to crank over. The starteR would keep spinning but the carburetor was having trouble getting fuel. Fixed that with a carb rebuild, but noticed the starter was having trouble after that. Brought the battery in and it tested weak from leaving it outside during the winter without a trickle charger. 1) Picked out a new Optima battery with 920CA compared to my old 620CA battery. 2) With the new battery installed nice and tight, I tired turning the key. After turning the key to the on position (just before cranking it over) none of the lights on my dash light up. I knew there was a problem. 3) Replaced the solenoid and the fuse linkage while I was there. Now I turn the key and see that the dash lights up, but car doesn't try to turn over. I suspect the starter is burnt out even though it only has about 500 miles on it due to trying to crank it over earlier. Crazy though since it is such a new starter. My father is going to come down and take a look before I spend money on a new starter, but I really don't want to buy another stock version. They are heavy and I have had nothing but problems with them. Are there any starters you guys would recommend? I read a bit about the DB Electrical starters but they seem too cheap (money-wise) to be true.
  16. I had a similar issue when I first got my mustang. Don and Will got you covered, it does sound like a fuel problem. I checked my fuel lines, replaced the filter and did a rebuild on the carb since it was long due for it anyway. I need to replace my fuel tank too, I think it might be sending junk around my fuel system.
  17. Wow, there is something about the color of this car.. It is just so unique. I have always liked molars, and a charger has been on my list of dream cars for a long time. I will get one some day, maybe within the next twenty years lol.
  18. Wow, all of these cars look perfect. I have never been to a big event like this. And that weather looks absolutely wonderful.. I am dying to get away from the snow and rain here in Rhode Island..
  19. I wish I could go but I am in school and all and I am also in RI. HOWEVER, I def want to hear what you think about it if you are really going to look at it. I am in no situation where I should buy another mustang, but I knew this looked decent from the pictures. I see cars in much worse shape that get fixed up on this site, and I know that only a true 7173 mustang lover would take good care of this car. It seems to have a lot of potential. I really hope I can be involved in some meets this spring and summer. I have only ever met one member here (imusa) and his car was the only other 7173 mustang I have been able to see in person. :( If the owner sends you other pictures can you post them up here please? (with his permission of course) You should hit up Elizabeth, she could use the education as she wants to lear and look at that car.
  20. Lmao, if I were seriously interested in this car I would probably have to get one of you guys to go with me. You guys all know so much about these cars, I still have A LOT of learning to do. I just figured it could be a pretty darn good buy. Wish there were many more pics but thats what you call the seller for. Anyone actually thinking about looking? Doesn't look that bad.
  21. Looks like the car has been stored indoors and just needs some loving. I would love to buy this.. but I have my mustang and I'm in college. lol. [/u] Link
  22. Thank you so much for that link. That tachometer is absolutely perfect. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks for the kind words. I love learning about these cars and I am learning a lot from my father. I have been watching him fix cars since I was like seven. He really had no choice but to learn how to fix cars themselves because of finances, and we have save A LOT of money by doing everything ourselves. We cleaned up the engine last season I think you are right though, I have to look deeper into the modulator. This could be a $40 fix. I may still put a new valve body in though, that can only help.
  23. The shift adjustment it perfectly fine. I meant when I have my car in drive, and I am riding along the road it holds onto second gear too long before it finally decides to shift into third gear. Ill have to drive the car in spring and maybe add an rpm meter to tell when it is shifting. Iv been wanting to add an rpm gauge to the dash but I can't find something that looks enough like the factory gauges.
  24. This car doesn't have any type of rpm gauges installed. Its all still the factory dash so I do not know the rpms. I can tell just from feeling it and hearing it. I can tell it wants to shift but it will hold second gear longer than necessary. It very well may just be the vacuum modulator/pin. It was the yellow version, but I didn't change the pin size when my rebuild kit came with the green one. Or the vacuum isn't strong enough (which would be weird, the car is running an edelbrock 4bbl carb with the matching intake). Yes, kick down is installed correctly. I guess I will have to wait to spring to drive it around again before I drop $300+ on a new valve body.
  25. How about band adjustment. Lets say the pin length, valve body and modulator valve are just fine. Would tightening the bands have a major effect on how late or soon the car shifts gears while in drive?
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