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  1. I bought my side glass windows from Auto city glass, great fit and lots of heavy packaging when shipped. There are others that bought from them too. I think someone had started to install the glass and found out the curvature of the glass was wrong. Ended up sending them the right glass with no problems. Ryan
  2. I have these, not a true Magnum but a modern take on them. 245/45/18, 18x8 front, 285/40/18, 18x9 rear, 5.25 back spacing on rear. Rear tires are 27” tall. No tire clearance issues. Ryan
  3. I’ve seen fox body Gt seats swapped before. The 71-73 seat brackets bolt right up. I had the link before the new forum, can’t find it now. Ryan
  4. +1 on contacting Don at Ohio Mustang, he knows which repro parts are good and what's junk. Depending on how bad yours is you may be able to repair them. On my 72 Mach I cut the rusted areas out and welded in new metal. Ryan
  5. Great music!! I’ll be adding your band to my Spotify list. I may be 52 years old but I still love the new metal and the old. Ryan
  6. Looks like your making some great progress! Also like the music. Would love to hear more of it, my daughters boyfriend also plays guitar and creates his own music. It sounds a lot like yours. Ryan
  7. Thanks for the kind words, it really wasn’t that hard to do, just took my time. Good luck with the urethane bumper, if you search the forum I think there are some threads on repairing and refinishing them. Ryan
  8. Nice car!! I think on the coupes they have a cleaner look without the spoiler. The lines flow better. Ryan
  9. Thanks guys for the compliments. All I did was cut the top part of the ends of the bumper at the V, heated and hammered it inwards to better get it to line up with the fender end caps then rewelded . As for stripping it I just used a grinder with a flap wheel and ground all the chrome off, then I used a DA sander with 80 grit, epoxy primed, then Slicksand, block sanded, sealed it then painted. Ryan
  10. When I bought my Mach 1 it didn’t have the urethane bumper. I ended up using a chrome one. I didn’t use the seals to fender, instead I stripped the chrome, cut the ends of the bumper on top, hammered them inward to better align with the fenders so it didn’t stick out on the ends, rewelded and then painted it body color. I then shimmed the bumper up to get the gap on the sides to match up. To me it looks better than with the seals. Just another idea. Ryan
  11. Just watched part 3 and 4, great progress! Also, I like your choice in music. Ryan
  12. Love the video update! Looks like a nice project, bringing back a lot of memories when doing mine. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged. Ryan

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