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  1. Good to see you’re making progress! Ryan
  2. Looks good Mike! What kind of wheel are you going with? Ryan
  3. Saw these two Mach 1’s today, red one is a pro mod.
  4. I found these videos on youtube, looks like this could be an option. The foxbody unit seems to have enough clearance on the top of the tank, just need to know if it would work with the Holley Sniper. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=71-73+mustang+efi+fuel+tank&docid=608021125539772944&mid=55C4F14D6B50BAC4A63D55C4F14D6B50BAC4A63D&view=detail&FORM=VIRE https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=71-73+mustang+efi+fuel+tank&docid=608052294114556508&mid=126CCAD5C88A4B195739126CCAD5C88A4B195739&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  5. Forget the foam tape, use the strip caulk.
  6. Does anyone know if a in tank stock fuel pump housing hanger from a Fox body Mustang would work in the 71-73 fuel tank, where the vapor return line goes on top of the tank? If so, would it work with the Holley Sniper Efi? Like this one
  7. This is who did mine www.boosterdeweyexchange.com They are out of Oregon. Send them yours and they rebuild it. Ryan
  8. Looking good Mike! Looks like you went with the Vdo gauges too. Did you get the senders with them? I messed up and just bought the gauges, now I’ve been trying to find the right senders to go with them. Ryan
  9. I got my Champion radiator today so I thought I would test fit it. I used the stock brackets top and bottom using the outer holes. No issues, no modifications. Ryan
  10. Looking good! Is the front hood trim a reproduction? I ran into this on mine with the non Ford tooling reproduction part. I ended up getting the Ford tooling piece, fit was much better. On the hood, my reproduction hood had the arch in the middle. I ended up using shims under the fender bolts to get a better fit. Fit was much better. Ryan
  11. Great video! I like how you are documenting the progress. I wish I could have documented mine like that. Love the green too. Is it going to be all green or stripes too? Ryan
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