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  1. Looking good! Is the front hood trim a reproduction? I ran into this on mine with the non Ford tooling reproduction part. I ended up getting the Ford tooling piece, fit was much better. On the hood, my reproduction hood had the arch in the middle. I ended up using shims under the fender bolts to get a better fit. Fit was much better. Ryan

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  2. 4 hours ago, jmontes said:

    Love the look here! Would you mind sharing the details on the B/S and O/S as well as the tire size?

    All stock suspension? Any rubbing issues? Thanks!

    They are US Mags Bandits rims, front 18x8, 4.5 back spacing, rear 18x9 5.25 back spacing. Tires are Nitto extreme nt555, frt 245/45/18 and rear 285/40/18. Suspension on the front is stock wiith 1" lowering coils and rear is stock leafs. No rubbing issues. In the rear there is room to go wider with more back spacing. Hope this helps. Ryan 

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  3. I’m going to need a c4 neutral safety switch for my 72 Mustang. I see there is a Scott Drake branded and a Dennis Carpenter brand. Does anyone know which one is the best or if there is a difference?  It seems that some of the Scott Drake stuff that I have bought in the past is actually made by someone else and just has his name on it.  Thanks Ryan

  4. 1 hour ago, Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs said:

    Your seats looking great. When you do the rear window I would not use the foam tape that ford used. Just in case you have not used it before. Get the 3-M #08590 Bedding and sealing. Here is link to the info. Before you put the glass in I always trial fit the trim without the glass. Much easier to get on and off. I also put a piece of tape where each clip is located and it should only take finger pressure to install.
    I am sure you have watched some video on install but do not go by what CJ Pony says to do. They say to use three tubes of the sealer and fill the entire channel after the glass is in. IDIOTS that is why you cannot get the trim off later. Takes very little sealer just enough to fill the ups and downs in the flange. I put a tiny bead in the rubber channel for the glass then put on the glass with your pull cord. On a fastback you can put a tiny amount on the rear lower flange and smooth it out with finger. Then you and helper can slide the bottom edge of the rubber over that flange. I then pull the rubber in and use windshield install tool to work the corners in. Once in I get helper to lift the rubber seal from the outside with a plastic trim tool and put a small amount of the sealer around the flange. Will never leak. Then push your trim on and done.
    I did not go back and look but the trim under the rear window inside needs to go on before window in. Won't be long and you will be driving it. Good to see you waited until body done to build the engine. Too many do first and it sits for years sometimes.

    Thanks for the tips on the rear window David, I’m not going to use the foam tape either. The window is pretty much ready to be installed, just have to wait until I can get some help. On the sealer though you said 3m 8590, did you mean 3m 8509? I have the 8509, says it’s a non hardening compound. On the engine I waited because I knew this would be a long term project. I bought the car in 2006 and have been working on it off and on these years. I’m waiting on a quote from the engine builder now. I was trying to decide whether to go with a 429/460 like I did with my red Mach or just put the 302 back in it. If I go with a big block there is a lot of other things I would have to change and buy. Right now looks like the 302 stroked out to a 347, probably around 415-450hp. Got a quote on having the C4 rebuilt with 2200 stall converter to handle the added hp. Thanks Ryan

  5.  Made some progress in the last couple months. I got the seats upholstered. Over all the front seat foam was in decent shape, I had to add a little foam to the edges. The rear I added an extra layer of foam to fill it out. I went with the TMI premium standard interior, this was standard on my car, someone had swapped the original front seats with the deluxe interior seats. I also started tearing down the engine, had the windshield installed,  polished the rear window trim moldings and installed the weatherstripping seal on the rear window. I’ll be installing the rear window sometime when I can get some help. Ryan 

















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