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  1. A 10” wide rim with 5 1/2” backspacing will work
  2. Stunning paint! That’s going to look good when it’s done. Ryan
  3. 15x10 should work with the 275/60/15’s with the right backspacing. There are others running that combo. If you do a search on 15x10 there are threads that can get you the right backspacing.
  4. I have Cragar SS 15x7, 4 1/18”, BS, 255/60/15 on the front and 15x8, 4 1/4” BS, 275/60/15 on the rear. The front rub slightly on the frame when the wheel is fully turned. The rear rubs slightly on the lip. I think with the 245/60/15 on the front it would not rub. The rear needs to be at least 4 1/2” or 5” BS so it would not rub with the 275’s.
  5. That was me who modified the bumper. As for the aftermarket chrome bumpers, I think the fitment is pretty much the same.
  6. Are these brackets that the windshield rest on supposed to have a rubber coating on them? I think when I removed them, the small center bracket had some kind of rubber coating on it. The bigger outer brackets did not. Anyone know or have a picture of them in their original condition? Thanks, Ryan
  7. I did mine like the others, then masked it all back up and did the exterior body later. Ryan
  8. If you decide to get a new one , do not get the cheap one from CJ Pony parts, it is complete garbage. It’s poorly made, not the same thickness, it looked like it was three pieces welded together then poorly ground down, lots of grind marks on it. At the time it was the only one available. I ended up sending it back and getting my money back then found a good used one. Ryan
  9. They do not reproduce the 71-73 cables. I think the 69-70 cable is a different length. I ended up getting a used one from Don at Ohio Mustang. Ryan
  10. I painted the underside, wheel wells and engine compartment body color, it looks good but it’s a pain to keep clean. Ryan
  11. I bought my side glass windows from Auto city glass, great fit and lots of heavy packaging when shipped. There are others that bought from them too. I think someone had started to install the glass and found out the curvature of the glass was wrong. Ended up sending them the right glass with no problems. Ryan
  12. I have these, not a true Magnum but a modern take on them. 245/45/18, 18x8 front, 285/40/18, 18x9 rear, 5.25 back spacing on rear. Rear tires are 27” tall. No tire clearance issues. Ryan
  13. I’ve seen fox body Gt seats swapped before. The 71-73 seat brackets bolt right up. I had the link before the new forum, can’t find it now. Ryan
  14. +1 on contacting Don at Ohio Mustang, he knows which repro parts are good and what's junk. Depending on how bad yours is you may be able to repair them. On my 72 Mach I cut the rusted areas out and welded in new metal. Ryan
  15. Great music!! I’ll be adding your band to my Spotify list. I may be 52 years old but I still love the new metal and the old. Ryan
  16. Looks like your making some great progress! Also like the music. Would love to hear more of it, my daughters boyfriend also plays guitar and creates his own music. It sounds a lot like yours. Ryan
  17. Thanks for the kind words, it really wasn’t that hard to do, just took my time. Good luck with the urethane bumper, if you search the forum I think there are some threads on repairing and refinishing them. Ryan
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