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  1. That's a beautiful car. You should be proud of all your hard work.
  2. Haven't decided on the engine combo yet. The 429 is out of a 71 LTD, the one in my 73 came out of a T-Bird, 70 or 71, no I did not stroke it. Its just a mild build, 429 block bored .030 over, stock crank, 268h comp cams, comp cams valve train, stock DOVE heads, Performer intake, Carter 625 carb, C6 trans with shift kit and a 3.25 Trac. lock, just a nice street cruiser.
  3. Around a town called Pocahontas, Il. Its about 40 east of St. Louis MO
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. The 73 is an original 351C 2V car, now with 429/C6 and the 72 is an 302 c4. I haven't decided on what is going back in the 72 yet, I have another 429/C6 combo. I'll post some pictures of them both as soon as I figure out how to post them.
  5. Hi, I've been a member for quite awhile, just never posted. I own two Mach 1's, a restored Red 73 with a 429/C6 and my current project a Grabber Blue 72. Great info and tech on this site, its the first thing I check when I get on the computer.
  6. today my 235/45/17 fronts & 275/40/17 rears was ordered today from my base gas station and will most likely be here on thursday. with the tires mount, balanced, new BOLT ON valve stems, the price is $540. not bad for this size tires. and oh yeah, they are Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ tires, which are braking and handling rating of 10 but the wear rating is 6, but oh well. can't wait to get her some new shoes on and find out how much i need to lower the front and rear suspension.
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