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  1. So most likely if I don't have a highly optioned car some of the plugs were not used? Ryan
  2. need help identifying dash wiring and plugs above the glove box. What goes where? Are they all used? The only one I know is the flasher because I never unplugged it. This is in my 72 Mach 1 a/c car.Thanks Ryan
  3. Yes, they are 6x9. I won’t know how it sounds for awhile since this restoration seems to be taking forever to complete, there is no end in sight right now. Ryan
  4. I mounted my speakers under the metal package tray, in one of the factory cut out holes, that way I didn’t have to cut any of the metal. Ryan
  5. Mike, looks like things are coming along well. I see you're going with 3.70 gears, that's what I ended up installing in mine. What are you doing with the transmission, 4 speed, auto or auto and? Ryan
  6. Don is correct, Hammond were after market. I use to have a set years ago. Ryan
  7. The one I have has a lip that seals into the rubber seal. It’s not just a flat piece of plastic, that’s why I don’t think a regular flat piece of gasket material will work. .
  8. Looks like you’ve been busy Mike. Looking good! Ryan
  9. I don’t think this is the seal I need, the one I have is white and is plastic material. This is for my 72 Mach 1. Ryan
  10. Wow! $130 for shipping seems kinda high. I thought the website said $25 shipping UPS ground
  11. Is that who rebuilt your booster? That was my plan, to send it to him. I didn’t know if it would come back with the seal. Thanks, Ryan
  12. Anyone know if this plastic seal between the firewall and brake booster is available or reproduced? If so where can I get it? it’s made out of plastic, mine is brittle and falling apart. Thanks Ryan
  13. Mike, did you install a new brake prob. valve or did you use your original? If new, where did you get it from and is it identical to the original? Thanks, Ryan
  14. My 73 Mach never had any plugs in those holes, to my knowledge, there were never any plugs installed in those holes.
  15. I bought a brand new cardone select unit, pump and reservoir from Rockauto, p/n 967054 . It’s made in China. Whines when turning, this is after the air was bled from lines. I’m very disappointed, wouldn’t recommend. If I would have know it was made in China I wouldn’t wouldn’t have bought it. I didn’t have to send in a core either. I still have my factory one so I’ll probably try to get someone to rebuild it. Ryan
  16. I mounted my 6x9 speakers under the metal package tray piece, that way I didn’t have to cut the metal piece. I then cut holes in the fiber board package tray piece and mounted the speaker grills to that.
  17. Good luck, looking forward to the progress. Started mine in 2006, 13yrs later and I’m still not done. Ryan
  18. Where do you get the more flexible window clips? I didn't know there was a difference. Ryan
  19. Sorry about that, I misunderstood. Like Don said the inner is not available new, only used. Ryan
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