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    1972 Bright Lime green Mach 1. Has 351c 4v heads with Holley manifold and summit 650 cfm carb, power steering, Power disc front brakes, FMX 3 speed auto tranny, and A/C. The car sits on 17 inch Eleanor wheels with 225/45 front and 245/45 rear. Car is nice bust needs some love under the hood.


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    Cordova, TN
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  1. That is going to be a real beauty when that interior goes in. Good choice.
  2. Cool Mustang video I just saw on the net. Lots of nice mustangs from all generations. http://blog.caranddriver.com/no-stock-footage-here-ford-lines-up-eight-modified-mustangs-for-drift-filled-celebration-of-awesome-video/
  3. My magnaflows are too fricken loud. I asked for quiet mufflers and they told me these would be great. Removed the Flowmasters and installed these and I have to say that because of my gearing and highway driving my car is always louder than I want it. I have been told my car sounds great from those outside but I am in the car and near deaf because of them. I regret changing to these because they did not solve the noise problem and I also believe they introduce some vibration through the harmonics as well. I have dynamat throughout my car and it is still too loud. Don't let anyone tell you they are quiet because that is simply untrue. I have cams, and longtube headers and that may contribute to the excessive noise.
  4. It is out for some paint repairs. When I get is back I will have a look. thanks for the feedback guys.
  5. Seems my oil leak has become almost non existent now that my dampener is replaced. Is it possible that all that vibrating was allowing oil to get by something
  6. Next job will be the pushrod guide plate and adjustable rocker arms. That may finally make the car run right.
  7. I put my Pioneer Dampener on and had some fun doing it today. I will post pics of the harmonic balancer that came off and I think it looks crooked an has some odd scrates from hitting the timing indicator or whatever it is called. I also changed my jets today. I went from 70 73 to 68/71 and it seems to have become a bit peppier. I may step it down again after I have had some time to shake it down. My headers are the root of all evil I think. I had to change the gasket on the flange today and had to drive all over the place to find 3.5 inch flange gaskets. I feel like the manifolds moved a hair when I was squeezing the new gasket in. I am going to find some 4v manifolds and start from there. These 3.5 inch pipes are too big and I don't think they are really doing anything good, just bad. Changing the harmonic balancer was actually a pretty easy project and great time to change belts. I also found out the fan shroud I bought is not for my car. go figure. It is too narrow.
  8. Looks like you have a great project to hone your skills. Good luck with your new ride.
  9. I received my part today and I could not be more pleased. Great deal, fast shipping and another happy customer. Thanks again
  10. I think it was birthed from watching the Road Warrior or Madmax. I think it would be lees horrible if it was black and they loose the stupid trailer hitch. It is certainly unique.
  11. Turtle, thanks for the offer but I already bought one. I am going to change the timing cover at the same time since the mechanics said they had to modify mine to make it work even though it came off the motor with no problems. Now my car leaks and it did not before so I am starting with the part they "modified" to make it work. Cracked paint question= My crack is along the body line on the rear fender that starts mid fender and goes back to the back. I suspect the fender was changed but not sure, any thoughts on why it would crack in the same place. Another question, when I change the timing cover, what is used to seal it. Does it get some kind of permatex or a gasket. I also wanted to know if there is anything special about mounting a timing cover other than putting it on, torqueing to spec and being done.
  12. Guess this is the price of having a 42 year old daily driver. Sooner or later the only part that will be 42 or older will be me at this rate. Looking forward to a few week without any BS to fix. It was the starter last weekend, fuel pump 3 weeks ago and now a I have a crack in the paint that is really pissing me off since I had it fixed 4 months ago and paid extra to have it done "RIGHT".
  13. I have the factory locks on my hood and they are pretty cool looking. The 65 Mustang had a second catch and I got to see what happens to a hood that is not locked properly the day after paint and the lumpkins installed the hood security catch backwards. Needless to say, 40 MPH with the hood straight up kind of sucks. Ruined the new hood and scratched the two fenders, that was my maiden ride with my wife. She was not impressed.
  14. Any reason why I should buy some of the more expensive balancers over a less expensive pioneer one.
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