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  1. Mach 1 stripe kit arrived today, check. Can anyone tell me if my rear taillights should have black borders or plastichrome? May order the honeycomb piece as well, how does it attach?
  2. Jeff, they are only about 5 miles from my work so I will head over there and see what they have for me. I imagine I can sell all I have to pay for a nice new Distributor.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I was thinking the same thing on the racing thought. The PO has 3.5 inch header exits into giant pipes to flowmasters. It looks like it was being built to race based on carb, igniton, headers, lopey cam(not sure what), and exhaust. I just want to cruise but be able to punch it for fun. I go beat by an early 90's Honda the other day from a stop sign and that has to change. Tuning, new carb, sensible exhaust, and a new distributor ought to really help smooth everything out. Just curious, is my car supposed to have he rear honeycomb tail panel between the brakelights? like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/360820200899?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  4. My new carb is on the table and I am thinking of going to a simpler ignition system. I have a MSD box(not all that up to date on what its purpose is), MSD blaster coil, and an unknown distributor. I received my carb and I am going to put it on this weekend. I think the ignition is no better than the carb but I am not sure. What distributors do you guys recommend for dependability. This car will be my daily driver come Sept. and I need to have it be plug and play. Should I get vacuum advance or mechanical. My last Mustang had a Mallory Unilite with mechanical advance and it worked like a charm. I am working behind someone and I know it does not run well but I guess I will just have to figure out what they did. One other question, Carb has a one in spacer but new one has about a 1/4 inch spacer with it. Why choose one space over the other? What should I expect from the different heights?
  5. I am in Memphis and it was bought at auction. I bought from the guy that picked it up at auction. He got it in a lot of cars and claims he made no money. That is what I would say too.
  6. My wheels arrived today. The lady I bought them from neglected to tell me they were 17x8 for front and 18x9 so now I had to order 2 more tires. I got a good deal on the wheels and I am o'k with the 18's in back. It will look really purty for sure. Just want them to stay inside the fenders unlike the po's view of what looks good. It is an H code but I am not sure if it is the original color. If it is not I can tell you they hid it well because I can't find a spot on this car that is not green. I will get the marti report if that is what I need to tell what I really have. I know that the engine has 4V heads and other adders for HP. I am going to drive it for a while and then decide if I am going to get it painted back to the stock paint configuration. If it is truly a unique car I will treat it as such and work my way back to stock minus the wheels. Besides paying 60 bucks for a report, is there any other way to learn what the car was delivered with. I would like to know if the front discs are stock or an add as well. Where do you get production info for these babies?
  7. I just received my wheels and realize the lady had 18x9 and 17 x 8 for up front. Glad I got a good deal and glad you guys saved the day with this information. Just ordered a second set of rear tires to fit 18's.
  8. Here is a picture of my last Mustang I sold 3 years ago. I sure liked that color. Here is a before and after pic. [/align]
  9. I will post more on the weekend. I know the rear bowl is overfilling and the carb is leaking at the back freeze plug on the bowl so I will buy a new carb and start with new. It sounds like it has a loose rocker arm or bent pushrod because I only hear it on one of the two rear cylinders. That is what the end of my screwdriver says. The MSD ignition wiring also needs to be checked. I have a dead short that killed the battery but I found that and now the battery is o'k. The car just needs some TLC. I changed plugs, wires, rotor, voltage regulator and it does not want to start. I will check for spark when I am less frustrated. Right now I have a boat load of parts coming to fix the interior, drop the car to a more normal stance with Coys Eleanor 17 x 8 wheels and some other goodies to make it look like I want it to look. I may scrap the MSD and carb and start over. Distributors and carbs are not that difficult and new will take away some of the guessing. May go with Distributor with built in Coil. Not sure yet. Have Mustang meet in 2 weeks in Memphis so I need to be able to drive there and make it home without embarrassing myself. I also ordered the stripe kit to tone down the look also. May have matt black painted gloss to make it easier to clean. Matt black on roof sucks. I bought it for what I would consider a low price so I have room for paint on the black surfaces as well. Update Just ordered a carb from Summit. Guess I will find out if my Holley was crap or alternator.
  10. I just bought a fairly clean Bright Lime Green Mach 1 last week and I am sure I will spend a good bit of time here learning the nuances of the 72. I had 2 65 coupes and this is my first Fastback. The car looks great but does not currently run great. I will be asking a ton of questions on tuning. The PO looked to be building a beast but never got it right. It has full length headers, flowmaster exhaust with 3 3/4 inch pipes, ported manifold, MSD ignition, and who knows what else. Does not smoke but carb is suspect for sure. Looking forward to learning. I also have a Harley Sporty that has been with me since birth in 1993. I like my toys.
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