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  1. I am looking forward to driving mine in the snow for the first time. Just curious, what mufflers do most of you use. Mine has Magna Flow and they are way too loud on the highway. I run at 70 miles per hour at 3500 rpms and that is the sweet spot for noise. I asked for quiet mufflers and I am guessing my version of quiet is completely different than there version. I think my tune effects some of the sound. It seemed quieter with my Holley that worked until it flooded and pissed me off.
  2. I drive mine 6 to 7 days a week approximately 36 miles daily back and forth to work. I am still working the bugs out but Month one worked out fairly well minus my fuel pump going south on the way to work one day but I fixed it in the parking lot and drove it back home. I keep a bag of tools in the car for these special occasions. Here is a pic of my car at work. My summit carb is drinking way too much fuel because I am going thru a full tank a week. At least I don't have to worry about old gas.
  3. Nice wheel choice. I also like the beautiful shiny parts. When is it going to paint?
  4. I bought some LED's on Ebay and I can't get them to work either direction they are installed. Any thoughts on what could be wrong?
  5. I have to very careful with my long tube headers because I only have about 3 inches of ground clearance at the tubes. I would not get longtubes for the sake of ground clearance if you will be lowering your car at all.
  6. Thought that too about adjustment except my Summit adjusts the same and site level adjustments there stay perfect where I can't get the secondary bowl to adjust and it floods out the front from the crossover tube. I changed the needle and seat and still same, suspect float problem. May go play with it again tomorrow. seems dumb to ne to have to adjust floats. Seems you could make one that has fuel at level needed without adjustment.
  7. I was just looking at 4160 carbs and thought the non adjustable float part sounds really good to me. What is the deal with the non adjustable part, I really like that idea.
  8. I still have the clakity clack but it is tolerable until I get adjustable rockers. I am also thinking I will get an Edelbrock carb also. My car ran better with the Holley other than hard starting and flooding the bowls occasionally. The Holley seems to be impossible to set the bowls and the secondary bowl is flooding everything out but not always so I think I will try an Edelbrock. Had Edebrock on both my 65's and found them to be easy to setup and both cars were a one turn start. I know the carb is not right but it runs o'k so I think I can try something else that worked well for me in the past. Still have some work to make this a good daily driver. The MagnaFlows are still too loud but that seems to also be somewhat fuel delivery related because it sounded queter with the Holley until it flooded out.
  9. I have a new Summit carb on my 351C but it ran better with Holley when it is not flooding and hard as hell to start. I will get a 4106 next week and give that a try. Setting floats with site windows is a lovely feature. Hoping Fuel economy gets better too. This baby drinks like an elephant.
  10. Nice car indeed Eric. I jetted up to 70 mains and it is running much better. I think I am getting close on the mains so next it is time to understand how the secondaries work so I know how to adjust that fuel circuit. Seems like it comes in too early to me and stumbles a bit before it gets up and goes. .
  11. I decided to try my Holley carb out on the car. It worked great until it did not. I think it has a bad float because all was good and then the front bowl filled to the brim and flooded out the car. I got it running again and it did the same thing again. It ran much faster with the holley so I decided to pull the jets from the Holley and see what they are. I found 67's in my Summit carb and 70's in the Holley. Took the 70's out and put them in the Summit and it runs a whole lot better. Might have been running around really lean. I will buy a jet kit and dial it in. Can't figure out why my car sounds quieter with the Holley. Makes no sense.
  12. Mine need a good bit of juice to seal properly, I guess I need to adjust?
  13. Quick question, how much pressure should I need to exert on the pneumatic switch that closes off water to the heater core. Should it be really easy or middle pressure.
  14. I get more thumbs up on my green Mustang in the last three weeks going back and forth to work than I ever got with my beautiful Burnt orange 65 coupe. Most people are not really sure what it is. That part cracks me up.
  15. I did my passenger seat with safety wire and learned that I needed safety wire. My drivers seat came out much better and took way less time. Safety wire pierces the foam easily and was easier to manipulate. I plan to redo my passenger seat some day but there is no hurry.
  16. I used 50 thousandths aircraft safety wire and my trusty safety wire pliers on mine. I like the idea that I can tighten to desired amount and the cut and roll it over and be done with it.
  17. Can't wait to hear how the ride is with 35's. My 40's are not very user friendly on rough roads. I change the fuel pump in the work parking lot. My car sits so low I had to jack it up 8 inches just to get underneath 1t to remove the nut on the underside.
  18. Well, the fuel pump was the source of some of the racket. I am once again back in business. I changed the pump in the work parking lot and my car seems to run a whole lot better than before. I will take on the rocker clatter soon. I will report out when I get around to it. New question, do any of you have rattle free cars. The fancy flip down rear seat seems to be a source of a crap load of noise. Time to flip it down and see if it helps.
  19. Mike, nothing a pile of money and a decent mechanic can't solve. I suspected the fuel pump was intermittent but it is now dead. Fuel going in but nothing coming out. I will fix it tomorrow in my parking lot at work and try again. I think this might solve some of the issues I have been chasing.
  20. Fuel pump took a crap today. I was stranded on the way to work so I found out how to pull it with a tow strap. Awesome.
  21. Oil pressure gauge reads between 35 and 60 psi depending on position of gas peddle. At idle the car is at 35 to 40 psi when hot.
  22. Kurt, my assumptions are that all was done correctly but the video tells otherwise. I agree that pulling the covers for a cursory check is the first thing that needs to be done. My car made a lot of noise before I brought it to the shop. Maybe the pushrods have been another problem from the beginning. I am in busy season and work all the time so taking time to do this on my daily driver is not an option at the moment. I have to drive it to work and it is certainly way to noisy on startup. It quiets significantly on the drive home. I am hearing all kinds of things when it is cold including detonation I think. Similar to clakity clak but different and accelerator initiated when cold, less when hot. I will have to also buy a jet kit and try to get the jetting right as well. I have so much to do and no time. I wish I had had more time to get it right before I needed to drive. I hope nothing breaks before I have time to do this correctly and learn a little along the way, The leaking oil simply pisses me off because they took my clean no oil leaking car and turned it into the kind of leaky vehicle I don't like. Have to park on the street to save my driveway from the mess.
  23. I bought 50 sq ft on ebay for 60 bucks. I think 100 feet would have been better because I could have done trunk also at some point. These old cars are rattley and loud in my opinion. Will take a life time to find all the little noise makers.
  24. I am planning to buy the bits and pieces needed to put on adjustable rockers. Was hoping to find a kit with all the parts. Can't find one at Summit. IS there a standard push rod? 5/16 or 3/8 for a 72 Cleveland or take out and measure?
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