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  1. Is his the correct method. I like videos because it is a lot easier for me to follow. In other words, I am not a by the book kind of guy. I have successfully torn my sporty apart a gazillion times and this should be easy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piifbQtCzno
  2. Did you buy it. I would love a 68 FB. Does it have a 390? From the look of it I would guess it is a 6 cylinder.
  3. I did mine 2 weeks ago and all I can say is measure twice and cut once on the sill plates. Cutting the holes for seat bolts and the seat belts was a lot harder than I thought finding the holes. I also added stick on sound deadener. It was well worth the time to really quiet the cars. I will be adding to the trunk and back seat.
  4. Hope he sells it, starting to make mine look a whole lot better.
  5. If the heads were milled, wouldn't the pushrods be too long. That being the case, why would I have so much clatter? They did replace a few bent pushrods but I have no idea how they decided on length. I will call in the morning and ask. Is there an option to buy a rocker arm that can be adjusted to set gaps properly? I will take the car elsewhere to do this. I am getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing to be perfectly honest because I turned in my lease and I don't have time to leave my car in the shop. I should not have had to adjust rear and front float but I did. This is really starting to piss me off. Went and asked my friend about his newly rebuilt Cleveland and he sold the car a week ago with engine for 1600, I was bumbed because it was going to be mine.
  6. My dipstick seems too long to me, what is the number of this 500 dollar dipstick?
  7. I drove my orange mustang to the paint shop with the windows out, doors in the back seat and a pair of sun glasses. Evercoat high build primer was pretty easy to use even with my small compressor. I wore a mask and suit. I gave up halfway thru because I ran out of time. I paid 1600 for the paint job and I got a good deal.
  8. I have 350 gears and I would say go with 3 or 275 if you are going to drive every day. My car may get unmodded on the rear end back to stock. I have no tach but it seems to wind higher than I like on the highway since I drive mine daily.
  9. I want the boosted version in orange with brown and black interior. Just trying to justify it. Get a new one or drive the old one. I plan to drive the green one for a while and then see. .
  10. No idea how much this reduces compression but they are dished and not cheap. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/uem-ic875-030
  11. I would think if heads were milled the pushrods would end up too long, how would that create extra noise? Am I think about this wrong?
  12. How does one measure the proper pushrod length required to take up the gap? What is the proper measurement of gap from pushrod to rocker?
  13. Went to a bike show in Genk back in the 90's. First time I ever saw families and strippers dancing together in the same place. It was interesting for sure. I like the idea that the people aren't stupid prude. Interesting attempt to save 4000 jobs. Good luck to them.
  14. Changed to 20/50 vr1 racing oil and it is significantly quieter. I was going to go out and check the top end but I spent 3200 dollars for my car to run right and I am going to let them do it. I want them to figure out where the oil is dripping from too. The car was a clean car prior to work and he said they had a tough time with timing chain cover and it appears that is where the oil is coming from. I wil give them a shot and see what happens first. I am surprised how much better it sounds with 20/50 oil.
  15. I love the show and would gladly watch this episode. I would drive Mustamino gladly. They are knuckle heads and crazy stuff happens when you are out having some fun. Don't really know why a changed number plate even matters. People need to lighten the heck up and enjoy the ride. I suppose poking fun at them with a poor reference to the Falkland islands was in bad taste but I suspect they thought nobody would notice.
  16. How does one crank the motor over manually, seen it done with breaker bar but did not see which bolt they used? Do I need to remove plugs to reduce compression? I read a lot about checking valve movement to test for flat cam lobe.
  17. I thought the same thing on the valve train noise especially since I just spent a crap pile of money to have the heads rebuilt. New cams and lifters and it goes glickity clack all day long. Has ZPD additive from summit plus high zinc oil. I drive the car, that is my break-in. Please tell me what I am supposed to do now. Engine work has 6 month warranty. I bought this cam and lifter set. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SUM-K5200 Fixed position rockers. Would love to know what the proper breakin is. He told me to change oil after 1000 miles. I am at about 250. IS there anything I need to do now? It is noisy but I have no experience with clevelands and this is my first, it is a lot quieter than before and thus it seemed odd but nod alarmingly odd.
  18. I spent the day trying to get the carb right. It now has fuel when it needs to, I suspect a day of jetting might be in order next. I am really tired of messing with the car right now. It has been a really money pit but I am now finally close. Going out to change the starter in a minute once I figure out what side it is on.
  19. Today I adjusted the floats and I am finally close on tune. Still can't just stomp on it and go like hell. Think I have some jetting to do. Upside is the tranny seems good. All the odd shaking was the bad tune and exhaust noise.
  20. Looks like I will have to lay under the dash and look around for a little while. Heat in the summer is no Bueno in Memphis.
  21. How does it work. My car has one temp right now, hot no matter what adjustment is set. Where does the vacuum connect under the dash.
  22. I was trying to figure out why it feels like my car is falling over when I really get on it. I was adjusting floats when I noticed the fuel coming in bursts. The fuel pump looks to be pumping in a way I would not expect. With an 8 pound pump I would expect to see continuous flw and not this. Any thoughts. Engine is awful noisy considering I have new heads, cams, lifters, and and and. Here is the video. Second question. What the heck is this thing? Forgot to publish. Should work now.
  23. Well, I weighed my options and I am having them build a new backend to my exhaust including H pipe and Quiet Magnaflow mufflers. Thanks for all the great suggestions. This car is getting really expensive really fast, will it ever end?
  24. Did I understand you correctly, you want to convert to sportsroof(fastback)? I doubt that will be something that is done often or ever. Welcome from TN.
  25. Will a stock exhaust mount to it do you need custom exhaust h pipe to work? Would like to better understand about the comment regarding the H pipe. Is it easier to tune a car with an H pipe as well? I feel my tuning could be better but with stupid big pipes and zero back pressure I think I am tuning against a target that can't be reached with the exhaust. On my Harley reversion and exhaust dynamics are one of the big HP robbers.
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