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  1. The exhaust ports are quite a bit bigger on a 4 V head so I suspect they are. I see 2v's and 4v's on EBAY. I would like to try here first and then move from there. I will do something because the noise of my exhaust is simply unacceptable.

  2. I am thinking stock exhaust is the way to go. My car is loud, the full length headers hang too low, it is hard to tune and the car does not drive as well as it can. I need some headers so I can buy a stock like exhaust with crossovers and sensible mufflers so I can enjoy driving this car. It is so loud I can't hardly hear when I am driving. I was thinking about getting quieter mufflers but the long tube headers and lack of crossover is made for racing and I don't race. PM me with price and condition of headers please. I would like to move really fast on this since it is a daily driver and I need to drive.

  3. I have a wide open air cleaner but I feel like I am smelling too much fuel in the drivers compartment when I drive. So, I thought I would get a traditional a/c and when looking I found 2v a/c's are far better priced than 4v. Are they any different. Is the hole that mounts to the carb a different size for a 2v and 4v. Need some thoughts on this so I get the right thing. I plan to change cowl seal but I simply smell too much engine compartment when driving and I need to fix it.


    Anyone have one they are selling?

    I am hoping someone can tell me so I can buy the reasonably priced one now. Help.

    Nobody out of 36 people know the answer to this question? Just need to know if 2V has same footprint as 4V air cleaner.

  4. Thanks Kurt, I just need to order the Dynomax mufflers, change them out and I will be good to go. The sound deadener makes a really big difference but quieter mufflers will be a welcomed change. I plan to order 50 more square feet and add some more to the back seat, doors and anywhere else I can get it to stick.

  5. Austin, mine is a daily driver so I have no choice. I like to ride my motorcycle the 15 miles to work when I want to and not when I have to. This car is now road worthy and it will get 150-200 miles a week until death do we part.


    I hurt my neck playing soccer. I am 48 and playing with 20 year olds. Gets a little physical at times and I got taken out while doing a header and that was all she wrote.

  6. Finally took on my interior. Not done yet but I am close. Still have to hook down the dash properly and recover the rear seat. Once done that will be it for the inside. So to list all that is now done. I recovered both front seats, restored a decent center console, added center console to car, put sound mat in the whole front of the car and put in new carpet. It was about a 6-8 hour activity and for a guy that had two neck disks fused 3 months ago it was not as much fun as it could be. Laying over leaning on head under the dash does not work like it used to. I did not have time to get rid of the green stripes in the interior but I will some day. I also included a picture of my car at work because this is meant to be my daily driver.




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