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  1. Bought lowering springs but decided to cut a full round out of my springs first and see if I liked it. Came down about 3 inches and it was perfect. The springs were new and that was why I cut since they were still nice and stiff and new. Nothing rubs with my 17 inch wheels with 225 40 tires up front and 245 40 rears. Plan to buy 245 45 for both ends soon. Think they are 620 weight but not positive. Shakles were traded out for shorter ones as well.



  2. Burnt orange is red isn't it? I love that color more than life itself. I love a wine red candy metallic as well but that would look better in a two tone. If I went red it would be like this car. Now this is a beautiful color. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=1972+burgundy+metallic+mustang&qpvt=1972+burgundy+metalic+mustang&FORM=IGRE#view=detail&id=61775C46FA554526349D7D23EF10BDC5BE435FEF&selectedIndex=124



  3. I was able to open the spreadsheet. Just need to know what 6,7, or 8T drive gear. I have with an FMX. Any idea what the number goes with the T. I know I have 350 gears. That was confirmed when I had my rear seals removed.


    Adjust the bands looks like fun, will check out the instructions a few times then look for a video and have at it. thx

  4. Here are a couple of pictures of my car now that it is lowered. It looks much better now that the wheel wells are not empty. I will eventually deal with the green sticking out of under the door and put my stripe kit on. That will make it perfect.


    I did drive to work today and the car ran good. It is too stinking loud and I will buy some Dynomax to replace these obnoxious Flowmasters. I will have to do it soon because I will be deaf if I don't.



    New question, where does the air vent system draw air from, I smell like engine when I get out of the car and I would like to rectify that. Is there a solution to draw fresh air from somewhere other than under the hood?



  5. Well, picked it up today and it stalled on me 10 miles from the place. Think the fuel was boiling in the filter since I saw it bubbling. Car runs fine but is hard to start. Tweaked the distributor to the left a hair and now it start immediately. Think the harmonic balancer may have slipped a hair on the rubber. Every thing running good, looks great lower, worried tranny is next. Feels like it is not speeding up as quick as the motor is and I thought I felt a small vibration under WOT. Will baby it for a while till my reserves are built up again. Still too loud and need to change Flowmasters. They are simply annoying.

  6. Picked my car up today and it looks great lowered. I was reasonably happy going home till it stalled and left me sitting in the Walmart parking lot. I saw bubbles in the fuel filter and it looking it might have vapor locked. I let it sit for a while and it started reluctantly. I think I need to figure out where to put the gas pedal to start. It is hard to start in my opinion so I marked the position of the distributor and turned it left a hair. Once I turned it started much better. Not sure if the timing was quite right but I know the little tweak made the car run better. I have had a harmonic balancer slip before making timing with the light impossible. May be the case here because before I did the same thing and it got much better even with the valve problems. Starter still sounds like it is close to death so I may get one this weekend.(Shop asked if I wanted it changed but 3300 bucks was all I was going to spend. I can do it myself.) Doesn't release quickly enough and sounds wrong when starting. Still too loud and that will get resolved when I recover from this 4000 dollar adventure. So now to the questions.


    How would I know if the tranny is slipping. I think when I stomp on it I hear the engine winding up faster than the car is accelerating. Is there something that can be adjusted to improve tranny performance. aI think I feel a little vibration when the acceleration is not coming when at WOT. My guess is that the PO dogged the shiznat out of the car and the tranny may need a rebuild as well. How much does that usually cost?

    Picked it up today and it drives great when it is running. It died on the way home and I think it was a vapor lock since I saw fuel bubbling in the filter. Not sure on that but I let it sit for 10 minutes and it finally started. The lowering has really helped the look of my car. Will post picks tomorrow.


    Question about tranny. I think it is slipping under hard acceleration because the engine winds up but the acceleration does not seem proportionate. IS there something that can be adjusted on these tranny's? I thought I felt a small vibration when at wide open throttle but it could have been harmonics from the stupid loud Flowmasters. If I need a rebuild, what should I expect to pay? I have a C6 available if I want it cheap. What would you do. I blew my money so I have to wait a hair to get this done so I will baby the car for now until it is time to spend more.

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