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  1. The underside of the car was not very pretty but an interesting car none the less. The front is a love it or hate it feature and I happen to love it. Is the Cyclone the high end version of the Montego? They relisted the Mustang 7kplus.
  2. These guys have a lot of interesting cars for sale. I saw atleast 5 I would gladly drive like this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mercury-Other-Orig-Match-Numbers-351Clev-Excel-Cond-Marti-Report-1970-yellow-orig-match-numbers-351-/390932924065?forcerrptr=true&hash=item5b056b06a1&item=390932924065&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  3. No doubt the car is crapped up but someone out there wanted it to look like that and somebody else might be out there that likes it too. I agree, the car is hideous but I am not in the market for a back to the future looking car with 80's styling cues. I figured that out once I saw the pictures of this abomination.
  4. I like the yellow Comet on ebay for that price much better than the green for 42K Great looking car the 70. Never seen one at a show. Front end is a luv it or hate it feature that I think looks awesome. The orange Comet GT is from the same shop as the ugly 72 Stang with the ugly body molding kit.
  5. As long as you are getting regular meals at home all this applies. Lees is more does not hold true in this case. Some women don't appear to understand what "keep his stomach full and balls empty" means.
  6. Yes, long tube headers. This is how I bought the car. Are you saying with cable or traditional shift linkage it would require mods?
  7. I would suspect a well used 40 year old windshield would not take kindly to claybar would it? Lets say there is some pitting and such.
  8. Learned something new here again. I had a kickdown on my c4 but my FMX does not have one. I guess my suspicion that it was missing it correct. Now I need to decide on cable or other. Hope you get it figured out.
  9. Say what you will about the car, the pictures should at least tell you enough to make a purchase decision. I have to give them credit for being thorough even though the car is not so beautiful.
  10. I pick it up Monday. I forgot to mention rear brake job, axel seals replaced, new shackles rear and lower front springs to improve stance. The 700 was for manifold, cams, lifters, shackles, not sure what the head rebuild charge was but I suspect 500 bucks or so. I pick it up Monday, he wanted to drive it around for a while and make sure the battery draw is really fixed with the starter solenoid(I asked him to change), and voltage reg and Alternator are what his magnetic gismo showed to be drawing current when the ignition was off. I expect it to drive perfect when I get it back because it will be almost new. Wow! Is it all working to your satisfaction? Chuck
  11. I used safety wire on the driver seat instead of hog rings and I was done in an hour. the passenger side took 4 or 5 hours of cussing to get the hog rings in the right place. I also was bleeding all over the place from the sharp edges of the seat frame. I will pull the cover on the passenger side and redo with safety wire as well because my driver seat is basically wrinkle free and the passenger is not.
  12. It is stupid, not insane. The air scoop looks like crap to boot.
  13. You did a nice job, do you sit taller in the car now?
  14. Final tally. 4 bad exhaust valves, Head rebuild, Cam ok but changed, Lifters o'k but changed to go with new milder cam, intake likely cracked and changed to dual plane Edelbrock, starter solenoid replaced because if slow starter turn off, voltage regular and alternator changed because drawing current when off. $3300 plus about 700 in parts.
  15. Still no measurements. How high is the pan supposed to be? wouldn't that affect the carpet fit as well?
  16. What is the measurement of the pan height. I will have the carpet removed next weekend and I will measure to see if some more work is required. Don't want my head rubbing the head liner. I did do a complete seat rebuild including foam and covers.
  17. Well, I guess it will be next week. Engine is all back together. Last job was to find what was draining my battery. I was told the voltage regulator and alternator was shot. The alternator was fire hot and he said it had a melted Diode(I think). Car is said to be running great but he needed to keep it till Monday to make sure the battery drain problem is truly solved. I hope it is and that this ends Monday. Wanted to do the interior this weekend but it is not meant to be. Wife is out of town so I am o'k with driving the shop owners Yukon for one more weekend. I will have a basically new car next week. perfect.
  18. I am 6 feet with 30 inch inseam and I sit too high as well. Probably a body type thing.
  19. Marriage and monogamy is an odd concept to get used to. It is unnatural.
  20. At some point it is all we get to enjoy. I have been married 17 years and I look when I can because I am not dead yet. Mixed girls are my favorite.
  21. Had boss 338's on my 65 and loved the 17's. No rubbing there either but a pretty rough ride. Adding pics of my Mach now that it is lowered. 17 x 8 front and 17 x 10 rear.
  22. I just added some "old school" staggered wheels on mine this past weekend. While I absolutely love the look, I'm reminded by your post that the "old school" look, too, is not for everybody. BTW Ralph, those look a lot like 15x10s with 295/50R15 BFGs. You don't by any chance still have those tires, do ya? ;) I think my biggest issue with the 17"s and up, is the lack of affordable 'deep dish' wheels offered in those sizes. I could be happy with a set 17x9s out back with a set of 17x8s up front, sportin' 275s and 245s, respectively - but without the deeper set rims, it make our cars look no different than most front-wheel drive cars... I know I don't like that look. But, I'm sure I'll have to figure something out eventually as 15" tires get harder and harder to find. There are only a dozen or so brands out there with 15" rims, and they're either back-ordered or the selection is limited... and only going to get worse as manufacturers move away from 15"s altogether. I ain't gonna lie, though: that car of 7173Modstangs' is freaken awesome! I'll bet those rims all by themselves were a small fortune as well. He made a great point about getting the axles tucked up into the car: once the rim sizes get much past 18", the cars start getting more and more ground clearance - which does start to look a little odd. I'm also going to say that I honestly haven't seen anything in this thread I absolutely hate. There are a few I like a little less than the others, but my opinion is just my opinion. At the end of the day, the owner is the one that has to like it. I think we can all agree that having more '71-'73s rollin' on whatever wheels are under 'em is a good thing... except for the DONKs, though... I gotta draw the line there. rofl Good stuff here, guys! ::thumb:: Nope sold the wheels for a hundred bucks with the tires. Wanted them gone and the Guy was going to try them on a 68. Decided he needed them more than me so I cut the price to 100 and loaded them in his car. I need more sidewall height to make mine look right. Eventhough my tires are new I will by tires with more rubber. Have to see it with the 2 inch drop first. Shop will be done with Engine Monday and then I get to see what drop did to the look. I can move the 245's from back to front and put 45 or 50 height in back to create a little different stance.
  23. Why so few Factory Ram air hoods in 72. Mine is an adder according to my Marti. Mine needs strips and I will add them on the weekend to further enhance the Beauty of the green. Any tips?
  24. Delivered my manifold and bolt kit to the shop and now I go back Friday afternoon and pick up my car. Looking forward to driving the Beast next week. Have some interior work to do this weekend to quiet and beautify. New carpet and center console with armrest will really be nice. Haven't seen it with the 2 inch drop front and back, that should be nice as well
  25. Mine is incorrect and I love it. I find experts rarely take advice from anyone. It is a shame that he did not listen and just verify the facts. He could do an great article about how he messed up and a friendly Mustang owner set him straight followed by a how to fix the hood. Aside My PO took wrong to a whole new level but I love it. Just wish he had used Satin paint and not this matt porous stuff. May try a satin clear on it to revive it. The roof is really dull.
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