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  1. My car sounds like a Nascar with my full length headers and Flowmasters. I may switch to dynomax.
  2. So why do you think it could be drawing air since it is not in the intake stream?
  3. That may explain why he said it was not supposed to draw vacuum. I was told by PO that it was EGR plate and had no idea what it was so I went with it. Learn something new every day. Already ordered the manifold and hardware kit so I am glad it is finally confirmed that the manifold actually can have issues. I may need to stick to Sportsters, I know those parts a whole lot better.
  4. The car has an aftermarket aluminum manifold on it and I am pretty sure it is a Weiand but it is not here to confirm(may be offenhauser). Here is picture. It is from one side and you really can't see enough to really identify it. The cover plate is center bottom of the picture.
  5. is there a plug and play option for improved lightening that does not include cutting up the wiring?
  6. They found all kinds of not so kosher stuff on the car. Missing exhaust manifold bolts, frankenhardware all over the manifold, emergency brake not installed correctly, and and and. I look forward to driving it so I can get it home and finish the interior next weekend. May go get some Dynomax mufflers instead of the too loud Flowmasters. Look forward to having the center console in there as well.
  7. I had oldschool on my car and I was certainly no fan. MY car had atleast 12 inch wide American racing solid wheels in back that hung out past end of the fender. They were 15's in the rear and 14 up front. I now have 17's front and back. The car has not been lowered in the pic but when it is it will just need a little taller tires to be perfect. The old tires provided a softer ride for sure and I bought tires with 40 sidewall height and I plan to go to 50. The original tires were 75's up front and 65's in the rear.
  8. That is why I ordered a manifold. I also could not find one similar and the person that owned this car pieced together things with what appeared to be spare ill fitted hardware and I thought it would be best to remove the suspect part and go from there. He told me if it was him he would change it, he could make or buy a new plug but he was also not all that excited about the Frankenparts on the manifold and thought he would have to cut a lot of new threads. The PO used bolts as plugs for example and bolts are rarely pipe thread. To be perfectly frank, I think he did not want to screw around trying to fix a home made cover that did not seal the hole properly, remove all the odd ball hardware and plug that stuff up and I told him I did not want to cut corners at this point. He says it runs great but has a small leak there and it would not be perfect if it is not fixed. It will be fixed next week and then I will get to see how it was supposed to run.
  9. It is a Wieand aluminum intake with a whole lot of odd hardware that was was pieced together to plug all the holes. It came on the car and looks a lot like a Frankenmanifold. The part about vacuum there made no sense to me either since I looked inside the great big EGR opening and it was open to the runners if I recall correctly. I think the problem is the home made EGR manifold cover. I bought a manifold with all new hardware so the problem will be gone next week and I will have a fairly perfect modded car. Thanks for confirming my suspicion about the manifold, I suspect I bought a manifold because the $10.00 EGR cover plate is crap.
  10. I fully built my motorcycle and know every bolt. I restored my last mustang to a nice driver but this time I don't have the time. On this car I needed it fast and I run a large business and time is a premium for me, I did the seats, will complete the interior rejuvenation when I get my car back, fixed everything I could with the time I had and decided this was better served by a professional. I need my car to run properly and I did not have time to do it. I returned my lease and this is going to be my daily driver so the shop is the right choice for me. I needed a reference point, and I got a whole lot more. He called today and told me the intake was leaking where the EGR valve plate is, they did the old intake leak check with brake cleaner and the manifold was leaking there. He told me that should not be under vacuum and that something was wrong with the manifold. I decided I am going to buy an Edelbrock dual plane without EGR and be done with this job. He will install once it arrives and I will pick my car up. In the mean time I will still drive his Yukon he loaned me. That was part of the deal if it took too long. Took long was after the car went back from lease. I am a little curious about the comment about the vacuum from EGR mount area on manifold because I have no clue what it does. Mine is blocked off and the cover is leaking so I am going to do what I like, change it too what I want. Would love to know how you feel about vacuum there, is that normal? Is that passage part of the intake path or am I thinking about this wrong.
  11. Got a text message that they had a problem with the intake, can't wait to hear what it is. I suspect I might be buying an Edelbrock 2665. It was sealed when it came off so I am really interested to hear what could be wrong with the Weiand manifold they took off. Dual Plane is perfect for me I think so I will see tomorrow. Looks like I am riding my Sportster to work tomorrow, could be worse. I am a bit frustrated because this means more money now. Not sure I should pay for do-overs.
  12. I think my son and I will jump in and drive out there barring any other issues. What color is the 72? I would like to meet you since you live 15 miles away and your car will be easy to spot. I have some work to do on the interior to have it ready for action. I have carpet, sound deadener and a center console to mount. This is my daily driver as of tomorrow so it needs to be quiet and I have 50 feet of dynamat to achieve that goal.
  13. I expected around 2 grand ish and that is what prompted the question. It all needed to be fixed and hopefully when I get my car everything runs perfect. I figured the 90 bucks an hour covered all the shop costs and benefits. I run a 40 million dollar business and I wish I could bill 90 bucks per labor hour.
  14. O'k, thanks. Now lets just hope it runs like a beast. It needs to because my 8500 dollar car will hit 15000 tomorrow
  15. Cam turned out to be o'k but replaced with milder one, valves were jacked on 4 exhaust valves. Guides not reamed properly(he suggested) most likely and stuck partially open. Bent push rods on open valves. Heads were completely torn down and rebuilt, all exhaust valves replaced, not sure about guides(told to do whatever was best). I will see the bill in the morning. My question is about labor. 20 hours to do this work, heads were sent to machine shop. No original quote because he did not know what was wrong. I am just trying to get a reference point. If someone says 20 hours is close I am done asking assuming you are not pulling my chain. The 2 months pissed me off and then a higher bill than he said last week. He said I was around a grand at that point and then the head rebuild and reassembly and it would be done. So, I went from 1000 in labor to 2000 and brakes, rearend, lowering already in price.
  16. My only question is, does this sound like 1800-2000 dollars worth of labor content? That would be about 20-24 hours in my mental book and that seems like a lot of hours to do what needed to be done. They had my car 2 months and he is supposed to have reduced the bill for the 6 weeks of extra time my car sat there. Heads were said to cost around 500 and the rest of the parts about 300 with fluids.
  17. I had my car in the shop and I am finally picking it up tomorrow and the price seems a bit on the high side. The following items were done. Should this cost 3 grand? Top end removed and rebuilt with new valves. Timing chain, cam and lifters replaced(I bought parts) New axel seals on rear end Rear brake rebuild lowered front with new springs(I bought parts) replaced rear shackles(I bought shackles) Trouble shot and found electrical draw that was killing battery.(two hours) He bought gasket kit, 4 pushrods, some miscellaneous hardware, rear seals, brake pads and a gable for emergency brake, He had my car for 2 months and I would like to know how much of this bill should be labor. What does a top end rebuild cost?
  18. I had an 87 Mustang GT that would do 160 all day. I put all 120K miles on it on the autobahns of Germany so it spent atleast 60K over 120 and many times closer to 140. I sat at 3600 rpms at 140. 4th gear was the way to go if you really want to go fast The clutch was hell in a traffic jam. No air, mechanical clutch, 4 wheel disks and fairly rough ride. It was my favorite car to drive so far with the exception of the over sensitive steering. It got a little scary after 140 miles per hour. I pick my car up tomorrow and I hope it is as fun as my former beast. That car was really fast for an almost stock car.
  19. The Goolsby car is pure art. I have 17's on my car and it has a serious effect on ride comfort. I suspect 20's leave the suspension even harder. You sacrifice ride with these big wheels and tires that don't support the antiquated suspension.
  20. That is certainly low and a GXP is usually even more pricey depending on how proud the owner is. Do you know what kind of price range it was in? I just turned my Regal turbo lease in today and my Mustang is supposed to be my daily driver. Hope it is finished Monday.
  21. Looking for a low mileage Pontiac g8 gt for the same reason. They hold value really well. an 09 still goes for about 20K. I will have one soon. I like it.
  22. I am mind boggled at the sheer enormity of what you are undertaking. My car would be a complete mess if I cutoff anything and attempted to put it back on. You have some pretty useful skills indeed.
  23. Looks like a good project. Engine is pretty, hope it is a beast.
  24. I like it but I am not sure I would cough up that much money for a tribute car. I like the color and 17's for sure.
  25. They are what people are willing to pay. I would not buy a car from them because on the show they show all the corners they cut. A lot of money for a half a$$ car.
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