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  1. Might be a bit much for a car but great for a bike.
  2. They sold one of the Hemi Cuda verts at Seattle Mecum for 3.5 million and the seller about cried because he put the reserve up so high so nobody would buy it. His strategy did not work and he was bummed out in the end. http://autoweek.com/article/car-life/plymouth-hemi-cuda-convertible-brings-35-million
  3. Don't buy cheap tools because you will spin the teeth right off of them. I had to buy the 40 and 45 for my Harley Rotors. Wonder why they did not use the same bolts on both.
  4. I have a t40 and a t45 in my tool box and I am pretty sure it is one of them, I will go out and check back in shortly. Mine is sitting on the garage floor so it should be easy if I can find the tool. Update one minute later. It is 100% a t45 on my car. Just tried it.
  5. You need the heads because the rest of us want them and don't have the jack for them laying around.
  6. I like it in competition orange. I may have to get one with Recaro seats and a 6 speed.
  7. Very nice. Would love to buy a car like that but would not have the time or patience it takes to do it right. Your attention to detail is to be admired. Can't wait to see it I real life. Should be easy since you are just a town away. Just curious, was the painter reasonably priced or stupid high? I want my black sections to be gloss or satin but not the matt. The rest of my paint is good.
  8. Are shrouds factory parts or an aftermarket options. Mine does not currently have one but I bought one with ford factory markings and part numbers. How much difference does the shroud make?
  9. I think drag racing with a 17 second car sounds like lots of fun, not. I get the concept of bracket racing but super slow cars have no business on a drag strip in my opinion. The car in Memphis was street legal and said to be very fast by one of the members here. If you are going to race it might as well be fast. Building a race car can be expensive but buying someone elses might be a much better route to getting in done on a certain budget.
  10. I passed on a 68 Shelby vert in 98 for $4500. It had all the original parts but needed some love. Lots of great cares that most of us passed on because we can't see into the future.
  11. Too bad the Mach race car that was for sale here is no longer on Cragslist. It would have had everything you needed minus the pile of money needed to be fast. The car was quite nice and street legal but built for the track.
  12. Are you talking 14, 15, 16 , 17 or 18 inch wheels. I think fitment changes with size. For example, I have Eleanor look alikes and the fronts are 17x8 with 4.5 cm back spacing and the rears are 17x9.5 with 10.5 CM backspacing. Nothing rubs and they look right to me. Here is what they look like on the car. I should have bought 275/45/17 rear and 245/45/17 front. My tires are 225 and 245 with 40 aspect ratio. too small. Car is being dropped 1.5 in the front and same in the rear to flatten it out. I have seen 18's on rears here but here they can rub on front. I believe you may be able to go larger in front and rear but you will have to find someone that has done it, it is not me.
  13. What is the correct temperature running range for these 351 C motors?
  14. I had a 3 row in my 65 here in Memphis and it never had a problem in Memphis heat. I have a 3 row in my Mach as well but havent driven it much. Will remedy that soon. On a side note, my 65 did not even have or need a shroud.
  15. Looks like you have your work cut out for you. How hard is it to find a good motor in OZ?
  16. I think he said it like it was. Rusty mess for 1000 bucks take it or leave it. I prefer that to bullshiz. My seller said interior was perfect, I think the holes in the seat and carpet were not my def of perfect. I bought it because my car kept saying buy me. My seller was a toooool.
  17. I will call tomorrow and make sure I get single groove valves. Thanks for the tip. I plan to have all the parts that are taken off put in a box in the trunk. I do appreciate all the tips and advice.
  18. Valves are stuck, not lifters. I think the top end might have either been under oiled or hot. It was built to run and I think it was sold when it stopped. Who knows what was done. I just know several valves were stuck and this car might have been a bit abused.
  19. We finally know what is wrong. I have several exhaust valves stuck open, a couple of bent push rods and some rebuilt heads in the works. Not sure how valves get stuck but I suspect it was heat related and ream size related. He said the heads look to have been worked to produce a pretty stout racing motor and that explains the heads, headers, carb, exhaust etc. He said it had a big fat cam in it and in the end I am certain with enough money it will work great when it is done. I also have knew axle seals, a rear brake job(shoes down to rivets), working emergency brake and 350 gears. I look forward to having everything working right. Next week I will know how much and how well it will really run. It is time for the money train to stop. I am ready to drive a good car. Can't wait to here the list of parts needed to rebuild these worked heads. I need my car back fast now so no time or money to buy expensive replacement heads.
  20. I suppose 8 percent is not too bad. Add sales tax when you register and it can get a bit more pricey in a jiffy. I would buy it if it is the car you like. I bought mine because it looked like I wanted it too. I did not care about all the other stuff. did not know enough to care.
  21. I like it. If you are not a purist it is an excellent sort of fake Mach 1. 12 grand would be a good price but it is dicey at the auction and don't you have to pay a buyer premium?
  22. Thanks for the quick response. The car currently has a one piece carpet and that is why I asked. Not sure how excited I am about replacing it with a 2 piece. We will see. It has a big tear on the drivers side so it will be changed one way or the other. thanks
  23. I like those. I also like the Procar vintage racing seats.
  24. Several questions about period correct carpet. First. Is the car supposed to have 2 piece or one piece carpet. Two, Should it be 80/20 loop or the fuzzier looking stuff that is not 80/20 three- Does carpet fit well over Dynamat that covers the whole floorboard.
  25. These cars are not very expensive when I see them around here. I wish they weren't so ugly.
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