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    73 mustang Grande, 63000 miles restored interior and exterior new suspension, NASA hood, 4bl edelbrock carb and performer intake, new dual exhaust, undercoated


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    san clemente ca
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  1. I have for sale a good set of headman 2v 351c headers they have been dented in a few spots to fit my car but they ride a little low since I lowered my car before purchasing these headers. so I swapped them back out after driving them for a while back to my manifolds. so I am pretty much giving them away at 50.00 because of the dents I had to put in the drivers side header. I would prefer to sell locally but if you want to pay for shipping I may ship. if you want pictures please email me because I cant get them to upload on here. thank you
  2. I'll take em let me know how much and where to send it please. Thank you
  3. Thanks guys for all the help I ended up changing out all of my spark plugs because I found one with a small crack and connected my exhaust and she started right up and stayed running. I will try her out next weekend have a couple things to button up. Thanks again Respectfully Justin
  4. Maybe 1-2 seconds max and when i tried it again fuel shot out of the carb. I only took off three spark plugs on the drivers side pretty sure those are right looked at the book.
  5. So I have a 251 2v with 4 bl carb and manifold I just installed my 2v headers and when I went to start it up I'd died almost immediately did it a couple more times same result. I didn't hook up my exhaust yet would that do it? Do I have to adjust my timing? Adjust my carb? I have no clue please help. Thank you in advance Justin.
  6. Looking for a slightly used set of 351c 2v headers would like hookers but really anything will do. If you have a set that's in good shape let me know. Thank you in advance
  7. it does have vacuum advance, I added the new distributor after the problem started.
  8. So I have a 351c 2v with a performer intake and a brand new 4bbl edelbrock carb and distributor just wondering what I should set my timing to because I have it at the factory settings now and it backfires when I accelerate fast. I have also already replaced plugs and wires. thank you in advance
  9. These are not mine I was just cruising the old Craigslist and figured they were a decent deal http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/pts/4769634982.html
  10. I'm looking to get a set of Lakewood traction bars if you have a set please let me know how much you are looking for them and if you could send me a pic that would be awesome. You can also text me if you like 760-216-2396 thank you in advance justin
  11. So do you think that I would be able to sell it for 250? So do you think that I would be able to sell it for 250?
  12. I'm looking to possibly going a different route with my hood so I'm just seeing what I can get for my NASA hood. It is flat black high some light spots of surface rust on the underside but it is dent free and rust free on the top. Please let me know what I can expect to get from her or if you are interested. Forgot to mention it is the steel style not the fiberglass
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