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  1. You can bolt on a set of closed chamber heads to your factory 73 351-4V engine. The '73 was the first year with dished pistons, which reduced the compression further than the open chamber head alone, to about 8:1. You'll gain about a point of compression with the 71 D1AE-GA heads, 1.25 points with the 1970 D0AE heads. Another "quick" fix is to replace the timing set with one that allows you to advance the cam 4° to compensate for the retarded timing ground into the factory CJ cam.
  2. National Parts Depot Kentucky Mustang
  3. Every time I go into the garage. I had the striped and spoilered cars, I'm good with my plain jane.
  4. Please read and comprehend what I wrote - I edited that article on Wikipedia - with information *from* the Ford books, not pulling it out of my a$$. No, the Mach 1 was not what it was in 69-70, not that a 351W-2V is anything exciting. It was marketed as a "sporty" car, not a "performance" vehicle. That was the position of the B351 and the 429 cars.
  5. Sometimes I really wonder why you even bother with these cars David... This is a direct copy and paste from the Wikipedia page that I cleaned up and corrected for accuracy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For 1971, Ford reduced the content of the Mach 1. The standard features of the model were as follows: SportsRoof body style with unique "05" VIN code & "63R" body code on door tag Color-keyed urethane front "spoiler" bumper & front fender and hood trim Honeycomb
  6. The hardest part is usually the front spring eye bolt. If they are original, there's a chance they could be rusted into the front eye bushing inner sleeve. The simplest way to fix that is a top quality blade on a Sawzall and cut the bolt on each side next to the hanger. Worst case is you end up dissecting the spring, the bushing and then cutting the bolt. You just don't know until you take the nut off and attempt to drive out the bolt.
  7. The fan monitors the temperature of the air exiting the radiator. Same same. https://www.haydenauto.com/media/5670/fan-clutch_operations-ts_6980012.pdf
  8. The blades of the fan are flexible, and are offset at unequal angles to help combat noise. Most are 5 or 7 blade. http://www.mustangtek.com/fan/D0AE-A.html
  9. Flex fans were used extensively on 71-73s. 5 blade was used on all but the 429 cars, which had a 7 blade. The 4 blade you have was the base fan for 250/302/351 non-AC cars. The 5 blade flex unit was the subject of multiple recalls in the 70's. I personally pitch all of them in the parts bin and run a clutch fan, much quieter.
  10. I found the floor in the garage.... Oh, and ordered a combo b-day/xmas/illkickinsomehobbymoney gift for me, a Quickjack 7000SLX from Costco.
  11. Remember that the 70-71 Torino/Montego and 71-73 Mustang/Cougar all share the same radiator support and front aprons. Those parts and the radiator, mounts and shrouds interchange back and forth. Could very well have been a junkyard purchased part back in the day after the factory flex fan let loose ;)
  12. Try Jay Cushman in Maine, he's always buying and selling 351C race parts. https://cushmancompetition.com/new/ If you're doing a weekend fun road course car, a simple road race wet sump pan will do just fine. Canton used to make a road race pan for the 351C - 15-730, but they recycled the number into a 5.0 Coyote RR pan. Maybe you could find one used on eBay etc. They will build you one through their custom department, or call the Moroso custom dept. Combine that with restrictors appropriate to the cam style being run, *maybe* bush the lifter bores and plumb an Accumulator into the syste
  13. I ran one of those glass filters for many years - zero issues.
  14. Welcome to USA gasoline. FWIW, good choice on the wires.
  15. Well, that depends upon where in 'merica you are. If in Boston, it'd be "meer-aahh" Down south, that'd "mur-rur" On Long Island, it'd be "meeaah -ruh" In, NYC, it'd be on the table with white lines and razor blades...
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