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  1. Hemikiller's post in Transmission slip yoke leak - oil seal was marked as the answer   
    Ford Toploader used two different output shaft seals, depending on your spline count, neither of which have a dust boot. It's possible that the part you received is for a C4 or C6, which do have a dust boot. 
    28 spline - Timken/National 470059 or SKF/Chicago Rawhide 15005 (1.50" OD yoke)
    31 spline - Timken/National 473234 or SKF/Chicago Rawhide 16871  (1.687" OD yoke)
    You'll need a seal puller, or a deft hand with a screwdriver, to get this type of seal out. I have a Mac Tools puller which has served me well for 25+ years, but is expensive. The closest available I've found is the Mayhew 37019. You hook the small end under the back side of the seal, and tap the 90° bend with a hammer and the seal usually pops right out. The typical "double claw" style are dangerous and just act like a can opener, splitting the seal in multiple places 'til you tear it out with pliers. 
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