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    1973 Mach 1 Q car tweaked with a 427 Dart based Windsor, Tremec 5 speed, A/C, 12.7:1 steering conversion, SoT coil over and Dakota Digital dash.


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    Between the Texas Hill Country and North Idaho
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  1. Ed- I am located east of the Moyie Bridge just off of Rt 2.  We must be very close neighbors. You've done a number of things to your car that I would sure like to talk with you about as I get started with mine. 

    Might you be willing to swap contact information?


  2. Welcome. Whereabouts in north Idaho? I am typing from my cabin ~20 mi NE of Sandpoint.
  3. She has already has seen and felt this one. Kinda runs with the new GT-500... https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a15099555/2017-porsche-718-boxster-s-pdk-automatic-test-review/ Ouch...
  4. Hence my question. Same goes on with my Mopar forum where the A bodies apparently had to start their own forum from the "collectables".
  5. Funny as recently I was talking with my wife about my interest in the subject car. She replied, "what does it do that the 2017 Boxster S doesn't". I lacked an answer though I really like the new Mach 1.
  6. Can you add a column with the 71/72 dimensions?
  7. Horsepower and handling, perhaps.
  8. I have coated JBA short tubes in my 73 Mach 1 with 9.5" deck 427 Dart Windsor that will be available early October when I return home. I have 1300 miles on them with factory z-bar, PS and PB.
  9. Clearly you have not worked in the oil and gas industry to realize the capital spent to take a barrel of oil to a quart of oil.
  10. I have ~2000 miles on my SoT coil over system and am thoroughly pleased with it. I went with the street valved shocks, 4 1/2 leaf mid-eyes from Shaun, Bilsteins in the rear and a 12.7:1 conversion on my steering box (Power Steering Services). The cars rides and handles extremely well with zero harshness in any way.
  11. Wow. I really can't see myself running so close to the edge to really notice a difference in front bumper weight.
  12. I have a full set of gauges that I removed from my 73 when I went Dakota Digital. All were operating fine when removed.
  13. I had Power Steering Service rebuild my box with the 12.7:1 conversion and it is outstanding.

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