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  1. My '73 Mach 1 is sans console and I do prefer the look. It came with a proper center console needing restoration but, frankly, I like seeing the open shifter and boot. That said, I would also like to have a place to set a beverage and toss various necessities so am considering the TMI "shorty" (my name). Anyone use one and care to comment? My current situation.
  2. I am not a rum fan but when we lived in Brisbane I had to give it a go. It was darn good. That said, we still preferred the sarsaparilla from up there.
  3. Really? Who Could GAF what a rag chooses to write?
  4. Thanks gents. A basic 44 year old Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag still works. Even with a puny load of a 275 gr WFN running at 1050 fps. The drill press...:D
  5. Thanks. I do enjoy them and am an avid handgun hunter. Heading for hogs in Texas on R&R from Korea tomorrow morning. One of many things I missed in my too short of a time living in Brisbane was getting out in the bush.
  6. I grew up in the SF Bay Area, born in 1961. We went to concerts far more than we went to the movie theater. So about any Bay Area concert from about 1977 through 1995 when I left the state. All of the big names of the day and multiple shows from the local names. The best of them all was The Last Waltz when The Band closed shop. Just incredible.
  7. EdM you cant tell us that and not show us that's inhumane mate. OK. But one must be a sixgun nerd to understand.:) A Bowen 500 Linebaugh. A Bowen 44 Special conversion on an old Ruger Flattop 357 with Turnbull case colors and Bisley hammer. A Harton 5" S&W M29. S&W made 500 way back in the mid-50's. A Harton 44 Special conversion on an Old Model 3-screw 357 Mag Ruger with the top strap welded up and machined as the early Single Six's were. Doug Turnbull case colors. A Harton Old Model Super Blackhawk cut to 5 1/2", fluted cylinder, leaned hammer fitted with a New Model Bisley grip frame with the necessary internal mods to make the old work with the new. A 5 1/2" Harton 38 WCF conversion on an Old Model Flattop 357 Mag Ruger. A really unique, his first, Harton 41 Sepcial built on an Old Model Single Six. So a 22 RF converted to a 41 CF that throws 220 gr slugs at 800 fps. A 4" S&W M28 357 Mag Highway Patrolman converted to 38 WCF with the original barrel rebored. A five shot 5 1/2" 45 Colt conversion of a Ruger Bisley built by Larry Crow of Competitive Edge Gun Works that will equal the 454 Casull in effectiveness. A Jim Stroh converted S&W M29 to a 5" 45 Colt. Keith Brown grips. Last, a Bill Grover #5 44 Magnum modeled after Elmer Kieth's famous #5 but converted to a right hand shooter, per Bill's view. Note that the loading gate ejector rod are on the "wrong" side. He built some then passed away too young. Enough???
  8. Not rock as it seems defined here but Dickey Betts doing Blue Sky does it for me.
  9. Man, I am 53... Thoughts to you and his from Korea.
  10. I will be in Bulverde but, frankly, have zero interest in showing. Hope to meet a few of you and, perhaps, munch some fajitas.
  11. Custom revolvers from the likes of Alan Harton, Hamilton Bowen and Jim Stroh.
  12. Thanks. I will be home for that one and live just down the road. My son and I will go.
  13. In the mid-80's to mid-90's I owned a couple of mid-late 60's Corvette's. I rebuilt/restored them and just enjoyed the experience. The sons came along and the 'vette's became a Suburban (imagine that today...). I was starting to plan retirement a year or so ago and wanted to get back into a car I could using a timing light on.:) I did not care whether it was a Chevy, Ford or Mopar only wanting a rust free car that did not cost an azzload to buy and toy with. Fast forward to six months later when my BIL advised of a neighbor with a pretty nice '73 Mach 1 that he knew had done a lot of work on and hardly drove, an enthusiast. He was also in foreclosure on his home. A rust free SoCal car that turned out to be a factory A/C, PS, PB, 4 speed Q code piece. Hmmm, price? Very, very fair so I agreed sight unseen with only photos supplied. It arrived with a book of receipts that have left me with little to do. A bit of a bummer actually but I am more than pleased. I live/work in Korea so have only seen it twice for a couple of weeks at a time. In a month or so I will retire at 53 and begin to play.
  14. I plan to swap out my original Q code for a Dart based 427. Will it drop into the existing mounts and what of deck height? What is the delta between the two with the mounts as the zero point? My car is a ram-air car and I suspect that the OEM air cleaner will not work assuming an Air Gap/Quick Fuel combo. Thinking I may have to go with the "open top" K&N or Edelbrock air cleaner. Appreciate the views.
  15. Springsteen's whole bit on Blinded By The Light.
  16. Here is a shot of what I do managing the construction on our previously mentioned project. This in Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard here in Korea where I "live". The yard employs ~30,000 workers. This is one of 12 modules (85,000 tonnes in all). This one weighs 6,500 tonnes. On the hook with yours truly in the middle. Lifted and heading over to the hull via an 8000 tonne floating crane and tugs to precisely move it. Cool beans, eh?
  17. Looks like a great product combo but first things first, dumping my Flowmaster 40's...:@
  18. I was leaning towards the GW's as the Tinman's require cutting into the front sub-frame. Probably not a big deal though. Appreciate the comments. Retirement and the Millermatic 211 await.
  19. Darn I was expecting a nice deer photo.
  20. I have been looking all over the web for info. Round better than boxed, boxed better than round... I suspect that they all do the job. Which ones are least seen when installed?
  21. Yes, that is what it does. Appreciate all of the pointers. The PO had the transmission rebuilt 5K ago so hoping it is not internal issue.
  22. As the title suggests. I have a recently acquired Q Code '73 with factory 4 speed and am finding that whilst shifts are slick as can be, at a stop, the transmission will quickly "idle" its way from first gear to neutral. My wife is becoming unnerved as she keeps it rolling whilst I am away. I will be home mid-March and throw the car up on blocks to give it its first good look and I have done a bit of searching but thought I would ask here too.
  23. If you are bothered that much by a magazine then, yes, by all means drop it.:huh:
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