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  1. Don't need the help but always more than pleased to read a very positive post. Good on you.
  2. Thanks gents. A little "chop and channel" and it looks like it will work fine. Will handle when I am back home at Christmas.
  3. Well the throttle stop arrived and it appears it clashes with the original (I think) throttle cable. Do you have a picture of your install? Here's a rather poor shot of my throttle cable.
  4. Welcome from either Okpo Korea, Boerne Texas (as I type) or Sandpoint Idaho as I bounce betwixt the three. I am a former Bey Area'ite spending my first 35 years there leaving in 1995. I am new to the Mustang (mine a '73 Mach 1) and am enjoying the good folks on this site.
  5. Mine runs 3.50's and a factory original top loader and the new QF is much better to drive than the DP was. Plus the DP had no choke which I did not like.
  6. I did check the bowl to body bolts and they were plenty tight. Frankly, the gasket looked like a real POS, very thin compared to the Holley replacement, and a small port on the lower passenger side was missed by the gasket hence the leak. As I said, real obvious. I still need to play a bit with my linkage as it appears that it does not allow WOT. Appreciate the link.
  7. Today my 16 year old son (he is getting hooked and his smaller hand do come in handy:)) and I finished installing a Quickfuel 680 CFM vacuum secondary carb in place of the 750 Holley double pumper that the car came with. The throttle response of the new carb is much, much better and it pulls hard right to 5000 rpm. Cruising at 65 requires just a light touch on the peddle and the car just smoothly hums there. A bit of a pisser with the install though as the bowl to metering block gasket on the primary side leaked like a sieve on start-up, this with a brand new carb. Swapped in a new gasket (the leakage path was quite apparent) and all was good. Still need to run it a far bit more but so far I am more than pleased. Next install will be the Mallory 6AL box and coil (it has a Unilite distributor) but likely not until I arrive back home on Christmas day. I head back to Korea on Sunday and just want to enjoy driving the car between then and now.
  8. That is a nice install. Any issues with painting a red box black? I can't stand that red under the hood.
  9. I was stunned, and well pleased, after moving to Brisbane and seeing what motorheads the Australians were. I had no idea. My only issue, if I can call it that, was that so many of the neat cars were four doors???
  10. That's where I am thinking of mounting the coil. Appreciate all of the replies.
  11. That is the precise spot I am considering, away from the heat. Nice to see one installed so. Thinking the coil (squarish Mallory e-coil) on the passenger front shock tower. Thanks. That is the precise spot I am considering, away from the heat. Nice to see one installed so. Thinking the coil (squarish Mallory e-coil) on the passenger front shock tower. Thanks.
  12. I do not like the stiffness in the throttle of my car (73 Q) always preferring a lighter peddle (assuring it is safe) on previous toys. It appears that the linkage, cable, throttle return spring, etc., are original. Does someone sell a softer spring or has anyone tried cutting a coil at a time until it felt right? Thoughts?
  13. For those running a 6A/AL box and non-cylindrical coil. Where have you located them?
  14. The Sheila's were darn pretty too.:)
  15. I started pulling plugs on my new toy and note that it has E3.42 plugs. I know nothing of E3 plugs. Are they worth keeping/continue using? Are they compatible with a Mallory 6AL box? Engine is the original Q Code Cleveland rebuilt 5k miles ago with 9.5 CR, original heads with SS valves, Comp Cams 218*/218* @ .050" w/ .494" lift, Offenhauser 360 intake, Holley 750 DP (that I am swapping out for a QuickFuel 680 w/ vacuum secondaries) and Mallory Unilite distributor. What standard plug would you suggest if I decide to swap out the E3's? Thanks in advance.
  16. Yeppers. Running in Samsung's shipyard in Korea now....
  17. I just moved from an 18 month assignment in Brisbane and, yes, everything is outrageously expensive there. Salaries are relatively high but between taxes and the cost of living become less than great. At least that is what I saw of the local folks that worked for me. The locals seemed to be oblivious of this.
  18. Yeah location is an issue for me as well. I am home in Texas for a few weeks but back in Korea until Christmas day.
  19. A fitting that will allow my fuel line to connect to my dual inlet fuel manifold. Driving me nuts this AN chite.
  20. Appreciate the replies. I bought the cleaning kit and it should be good to go.
  21. Well I am finally home from Korea for a few weeks so have seen, driven and played with my recently acquired Q code 4 speed '73 Mach 1. I am more than pleased so far. I am currently changing all fluids, filters and the like and note that it has a K&N air filter. Would like to hear the views of said filters from the good folks here.
  22. My recently purchased car is without spare. It orginally came with a space-saver spare and E70x14 wheels/tires. It now wears 15x7 Magnum 500's. I tried Don and he could not help but suggested perhaps a spare from a newer car. Has anyone done this? If so, what will work? Appreciated.
  23. As I have mentioned I was a Corvette fan early on and had a red '64 327/365 coupe and a black 68 327/350 coupe. Sold them in 1994 and 1996 and never took a single picture. I do have one of my brother's 67 GT500 with a 427 medium riser. It was a beast. This was soon after he bought it in 1975. He gave $4500 for the car.:(
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