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  1. While I have yet to see my car ('73 Q code Mach 1) I bought a couple of months ago my son has confirmed via receipt review that about everything has been rebuilt/replaced. The original owner advised that the front suspension and steering have not been touched and are well worn. Odd in that he replaced the front coils... My wife confirms loosy goosy steering. I will be home in a few weeks to see for myself but, of course, have been eyeballing what is out there. For a steering box I am looking at a Red Head quick ratio box. Pretty well settled on that actually. For the suspension kit I am not looking for any of the coil over stuff but trying to understand the real advantage of the Open Tracker stuff vs. plain old Moog. Looking for folks with experience of either and much appreciated.
  2. A bunch of places but here's a few from recent visits. Christmas 2014 in Tasmania Summer 2014 in Fiji 4th of July 2014 at my place in Idaho. And a few from my days working in Kazakhstan. My apartment on shore. They are fishing the Ural River. A view from from apartment window. My living quarters 60 miles offshore in the Caspian Sea. An old retired Russian cruise ship.
  3. Been using Google Chrome and AdBlock Plus for years and have zero issues with pop-ups on any forum. Just do it.
  4. 1973 Q Code Mach 1 w/ 4 speed, A/C and PS.
  5. My story started rather poorly as we were in SoCal for my FIL's funeral after a five year battle with cancer, this just before last Thanksgiving. At the time we were living in a suburb just outside Brisbane Australia. While there my BIL mentioned a neighbor of his in Oceanside that was thinking of selling his car. I was sent a handful of photos but did not have the time, nor was it appropriate in my mind, to take the drive south to check it out. All of this combined with the fact that we were living in Australia. Though we still had our home in Texas we had care takers living in it. Too much hassle so, oh well, and forgotten. Fast forward to March of this year and the project I was on in Oz slowed whilst a key project of ours was ailing some so I was asked to head to Korea and help out for a bit. Well a bit soon became two years so I moved my family back to Texas and queried my BIL if the car was still there and available. Mind you I have not seen it. He replied to the affirmative and, in fact, the owner was in financial dire straits as a house repo was in the works. I told him I was interested and to get a price. He did and I replied, "I'll take it". Something I would have never done but my BIL assured me that the guy had done a pile of work on it, rarely drove it and had a load of parts and receipts. OK, now I am committed and just learn of the Marti Report (I was a mid-60's Vette guy many years ago). The Marti confirms a Q car with 4 speed, PS, A/C, interior decor, NASA hood, .... So it arrived at my Texas home a few weeks ago and my 16 year old son has "confirmed" it is good to go.:D I will see it for the first time in three weeks. The wait is killing me. By the way, this is a great site with good people. Very nice.
  6. While photos would take more than I have at the moment I will offer this. I work for a major O&G company and, from 1985 to 2004, have worked within the US in California, Texas, Kansas and Texas. From my last assignment stateside, in 2004, we left for Alberta and spent near five years there. Next was Dubai for an Iraq project that did not come to fruition at the time so off to Qatar I went. I finished there and headed offshore to the Caspian Sea for a year and a half then on shore in Atyrau and Aktau KZ for another year. I left there for Australia and moved my family, for the first time since Canada, to Brisbane. We spent a year there to find myself heading to Korea from where I type. Dear wife has advised, "work were you must but I ain't moving again"... So here I am.
  7. No idea as have not seen the recently purchased car as I bought it sight unseen. Here it is.
  8. Bought a 680 CFM Quick Fuel carburetor to replace the chokeless 750 Holley DP it came with. Will install it when I am home in a few weeks and take the car for its first drive.
  9. One of the items missing from my Q Code car is the spare assembly. Any idea what and where to buy. I have done some searching with little luck. It currently runs 15" 500's.
  10. Thanks gents. I am leaning towards a 3 ton aluminum Arcan.
  11. I sold mine years ago when I thought I was done with cars... New toy needs new floor jack. I looking for a quality 3 ton one. Suggestions?
  12. What if my older brother had kept his '67 GT500 427 medium riser. He gave $4700 for it when he graduated college in 1977. Shown here weeks after graduation with his shepherd.
  13. A new one myself but welcome from Korea (as I type), North Idaho (my place fo rR&R) and the Texas Hill Country (not a bad place to call home.) as the base.
  14. Would like to read the results of the conversion as I am debating this vs. a proper replacement of the original. Anyone have real data before/aft?
  15. We moved from an assignment in Calgary back to Texas after 4 1/2 years in 2009 and decided to let the company fund the move to our final retirement home, in the Texas Hill Country. We have a second "cabin" in the north Idaho woods to run away to. Big on my list was a large garage and we managed to land it. The same size as our first home, 1750 sq ft. I gave $13k for the car and a load of parts and receipts and am counting the days to my retirement early next year so I can play. I am seriously considering a 427 stroker/5 speed Tremec given that most of the rest has been handled. We shall see. I have not worked, nor really lived, in the US since 2004 chasing projects for my major oil co in Canada, UAE, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Australia and now Korea from where I type. It is wearing on me and it is time to come home. It has been near 20 years since I toyed with cars, the mid-60's Corvettes, but I still own my timing light and dwell meter:rolleyes:. I know them inside out. I know little of the Mustang and you folks will help deliver that knowledge. I like this forum a lot. A crappy no choke DP Holley...
  16. Nice car. I always thought that exiting the exhaust as you have is darn nice. Like the 340 T/A cuda's
  17. One of the boxes that came with my recently arrived car is a never installed set of the subject bars. Anyone use them? Good? Bad?
  18. Safely in the garage in Texas. It came with boxes full of original parts. My son went through the stack of receipts and sent what they covered listed below, most being done 2004 - 2006. A couple of the 2004 receipts show mileage at 50K. It has 53K on it now. My BIL advised the guy only occasionally drove it on weekends. I am pretty pumped over the deal. Appears "Super Rides by Jordan" in Escondido did most of the work. Front and rear sway bar 1-1/8'' and 7/8'' resp. New master cylinder New regulator Holly carburetor Offenhauser intake New 9'' rear end New flywheel New clutch New grille New driveshaft New rear brakes New front discs Total engine rebuild New wheels and tires New rear bumper, front spoiler Aftermarket fuel pump New distributor New power steering pump New belts New paint job 2 1/2" Flowmaster exhaust New alternator New radiator Super torque starter New shocks
  19. EdM

    It's On the Way

    Dear wife just emailed. The truck arrived at the Texas house and the brand new BMW M5 behind it would not start. So the truck driver will be at the local BMW dealer in the AM to get some help. Bummer.
  20. What shift knob/handle originally came on my 4 speed 73?
  21. EdM

    It's On the Way

    Give a shout when you do.
  22. My new '73 toy has left SoCal for the Texas Hill Country. I am living/working in Korea and will see it for the first time mid-September. It's in the Marti Report section. The wait is killing me....
  23. This was South Africa outside East London. A family trip with my wife and three son's. I spent most of my time watching them hunt but did take a few critters. Rifle is a custom pre-64 M70 in 358 Win. The one in the center below.
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