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  1. So, what do you guys do to help support your Mustang addictions?


    I am a Heavy Duty Parts Manager for Mack, Volvo and UD/Nissan Diesel Trucks. I also specialize in antique Mack parts. I work for a Mack dealer in South Western Pa and we ship antique Mack parts all over the world. We also handle parts, sales and service for New Macks, Volvos and UD! Keeps me pretty busy but allows me a lot of time on the keyboard to manage the dealership website, forum and some of my other projects (like this! LOL)


    So that's enough about me...how about you guys?


    I am a construction manager for Royal Dutch Shell (Shell to Americans) working in Korea on our Prelude Floating LNG Project. Google it as it is pretty darn impressive.

  2. I bought this car sight and Marti unseen a month or so ago via my BIL informing of a neighbor's financial difficulties and needing to sell. I am living/working in Korea so will get to see it when I am home in September. The stack of receipts that are with it indicates that there is nothing that has not been rebuilt or replaced short of the steering system. It's been tastefully (IMO) tweaked some from stock. As a former mid to late 60's Vette guy I am pretty pleased with this buy into the "other side".:D





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