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  1. I volunteered at the local food bank with my wife and youngest son then hit a Mexican restaurant (50% seating) for a great lunch. The place filled quick and the little town is clearly coming alive again. A great day frankly.
  2. Cleaned up the Dart today. A vacuum and a spray and wipe exterior.
  3. My 427 Windsor idles well at 900 rpm and drops to 800 rpm when the AC is flipped on. It dynoed at 470 hp (5400 rpm) and 560 ft-lbs of torque (3700 rpm). With the Tremec 5 speed it is a beast yet an easy to drive car.
  4. From a retired O&G engineer come Sr. Manager i do know that unemployment in the industry is skyrocketing. What do you conservative/capitalists want?
  5. IIRC, tonight at 10:00 on the Outdoor Channel there is a show with a 73 Coyote build given and marked the same. Could be one of the car channels? Trying to stay home I am all over the three channels...
  6. My brother, circa 1974, with is $4700 GT500 after college graduation. His had a 427 medium riser though. It scooted and was his one and only daily driver for years.
  7. Adding baffles to my Dart's valve covers and getting the PCV sorted.
  8. What gears are you running? I'm running 3.89's and just pulled the axles to do 31 spline and upgrade the posi. 3.50
  9. I have a power steering dot com 12.7 in my car and it is perfection. When I bought the original owner was selling the business so I paid a fair bit less than what they are asking today. That with Shaun's coil over system is pure bliss.
  10. You are going to love that transmission. I know I do with my Dart based 427 stroker.
  11. I sent mine to Power Steering Services for a rebuild and conversion to their quick ratio (12.7:1) conversion. Not cheap but done right and a delight to drive. A new owner has taken over and his prices have gone up. I think I paid $375. http://www.powersteering.com/
  12. I graduated from college as an ME in 1985 and was searching either an early Z-28 of a C2 Corvette. I bought a 65 327/365 Corvette soon after I graduated and did a mechanical restoration. Fun car. A few years later a 68 327/350 was purchased and it was a great car but I preferred the solid lifter 65. Come 1915 and eyeballing retirement I wanted another car to play with. My brother in law had a neighbor with a decent 1973 Q-Code that was drowning financially so I bought the car from photos and my BIL's view as a neighbor. It has been heavily tweaked since purchased and a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger has been added.
  13. I went with Shaun's 4 1/2 leaf mid-eyes and his coil over system up front and could not be more pleased.
  14. My 73 Mach 1 is an original A/C car that had the under hood stuff removed by the PO. I have installed an Old Air Products A/C combined with a Vintage Air Front Runner accessory drive. It works great. I am outside Boerne, between Bergheim and Kendalia, and would be happy to meet up with you and let you see the system perform.
  15. When I graduated from university in 1985 I bought a really nice 65 Corvette coupe with the 365 hp 327 ($8K...). I rebuilt the motor, suspension, brakes and steering and it was an absolute blast to drive. It was a daily driver along with my CJ5 for years. I still miss the sound of those solid lifters.
  16. Ditto here along with a SoT coil over system and it is fantastic. Nothing twitchy about it for me.
  17. Interstate here and no issues.
  18. I went with a crate engine from a local builder, Smeding Performance, and their milder Dart based 427 Windsor. My car was a Q-code 351 Cleveland. I could not be happier. A great street engine. https://smedingperformance.com/collections/ford/products/427-windsor
  19. Sharp car. I really like those wheels.
  20. Some thoughts here. https://www.turnone-steering.com/blogs/tech-101
  21. The full "Global West" did not come with shocks or a recommendation?
  22. I have an original one from my 351 Cleveland that I need to get rid of. No idea what it is worth though.
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