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  1. Sorry David. I effing hate stories like this. I lost my Mother, MIL and FIL in five years to cancer and have two dear friends, age 50 and 57, fighting it now with a dismal outlook.
  2. Thanks gents. It is nice having great visibility... :D The underside looks like the topside. Really a well done build.
  3. My 71/72 painted 73. Tweaked some since.
  4. Retired and spending our summer at our cabin in far north Idaho. Two of the three sons will arrive in the coming week.
  5. It will be interesting to see how it runs with the 2020 mid-engine 'vette.
  6. She used to a bit, a 4 speed Q code with 3.50 gears. Since the swap to the 427 Windsor and Tremec 5 speed she has zero interest. She prefers her 2017 Boxster S it seems.
  7. I am replacing the seals on my 73 Mach 1 and note that there was some kind or sealant/glue between the seal and lens. What should I use when I install the new seals?
  8. Why don't those with what he wants tell him the price you want? Rocket science...
  9. I have never understood why one can GAS about what another thinks of their car?
  10. It came with the Convenience Group so is a lens "cover" available? I not, I will make a black plastic cover I suppose.
  11. Thanks. I will look for the set screw and see what I can fab to make it work.
  12. I suggest you give Shaun at Street or Track a call. I have his system installed on my 73 Mach 1 with right at 1K miles and am beyond pleased.
  13. If you need an original Ram Air air cleaner, PM me as I just completed an engine swap on my car.
  14. I can't imagine their are many Democrats on this forum given the hobby.
  15. I have a near new Hurst Comp Plus shifter and linkage but missing the transmission attachment that I recently removed from my car, a 73 351 Q code, that I am willing to part with at a discount. PM if interested. I did a TKO 600 5 speed swap.
  16. I was opening mine today for the about the third time since I bought the car five years ago. It opened fine but the "release latches" looked like ordinary nails to me and while playing with one it pulled out. What should they be?
  17. I installed a new center dash section deleting the gauges as I installed a Dakota Digital system. What belongs in this void?
  18. Being a lazy azz I would never bother with shipping abroad. I, a US citizen, did it once when I was living in Calgary and it quickly became a cluster phukk with export laws.
  19. This week is supposed to warm here in the Texas Hill country. Unfortunately my wife and I fly out for a couple of weeks in Cost Rica tomorrow...
  20. Trust me I know. We lived in Calgary through five winters.
  21. That is precisely what I did on my 73 Mach 1 and I could not be happier.
  22. I wore shorts for the first time on Saturday but a cold front came in that had our highs in the 50's.
  23. It is a 73 and I am not hell bent on filling them. It just looked to me that Ford would have filled them when they built the car given the "plugs" elsewhere. Appreciate the help.
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