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  1. It is a 73 and I am not hell bent on filling them. It just looked to me that Ford would have filled them when they built the car given the "plugs" elsewhere. Appreciate the help.
  2. That is the kit I alluded to. Did it include plugs for the two holes in my trunk photo?
  3. What are these called and where can I get them? I see kits but it is unclear to me that they contain these. TIA.
  4. The last item on my full "make over" of my 73 Mach 1. More to come elsewhere.
  5. While I thoroughly enjoy my 7 liter 73 Mach 1 it is a joke, as it should be, with my 2017 Boxster S.
  6. Yes, plug and play. Not inexpensive but well made with Hella glass. https://www.mustangproject.com/ProductDisplay.aspx?ID=4ede49aa-b62e-498f-8f34-32ae009cc76c
  7. I installed my LED headlights. Can you tell which one it is?
  8. I went with an Edelbrock. Same "design" as the K&N for a lot less money and it had a dropped base which I needed. I also wanted a plain look, no ribs, writing, etc.
  9. The shift rod in my TKO for some reason is 1.25" forward from the center of the tunnel opening. Was yours centered? Mine was an auto and I assume that the tunnel opening is located in the same place for auto or manual. I replaced my 351 Cleveland with a 9 1/2" deck height Dart based 427 so new mounts were fabbed initially due to height (taller deck and an Air Gap RPM) and angle issues but also to move the motor/trans rearward so it was right for driving.
  10. Badass! Is that a Windsor? Indeed. A 427 Dart based Windsor.
  11. Kind of a crappy picture bu a Hurst set-up that was used with my original top loader. This, as shown, is with a TKO 600 5 speed. I can shoot a better photo if desired.
  12. I have one that I recently pulled from my 73 Mach 1 (351 Cleveland) that I had rebuilt by Power Steering Services (I have the receipt) a couple of years ago that has, maybe, 200 miles on it. PM me if interested. I went to a 427 Windsor with a Vintage Air Front Runner accessory drive that includes their PS pump/reservoir.
  13. Today was a blue sky 70 degrees with zero wind. So nice that I took my wife's Boxster S for a nice road burn in the Hill Country here.
  14. Don't know. With the push of two buttons I can turn my 2017 Boxster S into about all most would want to manage.
  15. Indeed. I will be heading out for whitetail in SW Kansas on Wednesday.
  16. Dumb question here but I need to swap the bulb in the subject light on my 73 Mach 1 and see nothing on it in the manuals. I have proven to to pretty solid breaking little tabs when doing such (just did it on my 17 Boxster S...). I assume I squeeze in the middle of the long sides and pull? TIA.
  17. Nice. I recently went with Dakota Digital in my '73.
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