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  1. Unless they have stopped selling them, NPD sell complete kits of rubber plugs, all that's needed. I bought one for my car when I repainted it in 2014.

    There were some that were metal and had screws to hold them in place.  I would call and check with them.



    That is the kit I alluded to. Did it include plugs for the two holes in my trunk photo?

  2. Kind of a crappy picture bu a Hurst set-up that was used with my original top loader. This, as shown, is with a TKO 600 5 speed. I can shoot a better photo if desired.




    The shift rod in my TKO for some reason is 1.25" forward from the center of the tunnel opening. Was yours centered? Mine was an auto and I assume that the tunnel opening is located in the same place for auto or manual.


    I replaced my 351 Cleveland with a 9 1/2" deck height Dart based 427 so new mounts were fabbed initially due to height (taller deck and an Air Gap RPM) and angle issues but also to move the motor/trans rearward so it was right for driving. c3c7bYs.jpg

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