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  1. I guess I wasn't clear. Given the small access holes to the exterior body door panels through the interior door panel can one readily use the "tapes" through the access holes to the outer skin to make it worthwhile? Not sure I am clear here...
  2. I have done a fair bit of searching but am still looking for a photo of a "Dynomat" or equivalent installation on the doors of one of our cars. Well appreciated.
  3. Located near San Antonio. Intellitronix Marine/Off-Road CDI box w/ rev limiter, part number 150 DM "Prometheus". These are made in the USA and guarantied for life. Price is $200 shipped in the USA. Autometer 3 Gauge Console, part number 2397. $35 shipped. Mallory Promaster eCoil, part number 30440. $$40 shipped. Mallory Circuit Guard , part number 29371. $40 shipped. Mallory Hyfire 6AL, part number 6853M. $100 shipped. Payment via PMO or bank cashier check
  4. That looks sharp. When you say polyester, what specifically did you use, how thick and where might I find some?
  5. Have you used a "cover from grill to radiator support"? Clearly it doesn't solve the problem in my OP but I would like to hear about your cover experience as I have been considering one.
  6. Precisely why I went with the five speed. When in fifth and running 60 or 70 a downshift to fourth and away we go. In fact, it pulls pretty well when in fifth.
  7. Just completed an engine/trans, among other things, on my 73 Mach 1. I bought the trans package from Modern Driveline and they were excellent. I went with the TKO600 as my car is making 560 ft'lbs of torque. I only have 50 miles on the car but with 3.50's in the rear I am at 2000 rpm running 70 mph. The car is just cruising pretty quietly. I am sold and, frankly, do not see a need for the six speed.
  8. When my son graduates university in two years a big block Mopar will be had. I really am impartial Ford, Mopar and Chevy. They all made great cars.
  9. I was nearing retirement and wanted to get some kind of "classic musclecar" having owned C2 and C3 Corvettes years ago. I did not want to pay Corvette prices and, quite frankly, didn't care if it was a Chevy, Mopar or Ford. I also had thoughts of restomodish tweaking. My BIL had a long time neighbor/friend that was in a financial pickle so decided to sell his 73 Q-code Mach 1 for what I though was a great price given the work/receipts he had done on the car. I was working in Korea and bought it sight unseen (photos of course) given my BIL's knowledge of the car. I came home to see it and all was great except the steering and suspension. More to come as I just recently drove the final build.
  10. I am not seeing a link in OP either?
  11. Does anybody have photos of their installation to keep the critters out of my condenser and radiator?
  12. I moved from Summit to JEGS once Summit opened their facility here in Texas.
  13. Just installed the Dakota Digital set you reference. As my dash parts were fairly worn (chrome especially) I bought all new repro stuff from Don at OMS and eliminated the three gauges. Nice stuff. http://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=2743
  14. Nice. I went the torque route in the RPM's I find myself driving with my now removed Cleveland. It should be running in my '73 in a week or so.
  15. I am in the throes of the installation of this Dart Windsor 427 stroker with a Tremec 5 speed for my '73 Mach 1. It should be a great street motor.
  16. I was looking at these gauges. the problem is that it makes the console gauges useless and I'm trying to keep the car as stock looking as possible using OEM style and size gauges. I'm not interested in modifying/creating new brackets to fit aftermarket gauges. Understood. This what I am doing. Parts are here and they look great. http://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=2743
  17. These parts will do it. http://www.smedingperformance.com/ford/347+Extreme+405+Horsepower.html
  18. I am doing an engine/trans swap on my 73 Mach 1 going from a Cleveland/top loader to a 427 Windsor/Tremec 5 speed and went with a kit from Be Cool. Not yet installed but did read good reviews and they were helpful as I sorted out what I want. I bought the "module' as I needed electric fans. I bought through Summit. https://becool.com/collections/radiators/transmission-standard+finish-natural?makeFilter=Ford&modelFilter=Mustang&yearFilter=1973
  19. I will soon have these gauges installed in my '73 Q Code Mach 1. http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=922/category_id=434/mode=prod/prd922.htm
  20. I have one on my mild Cleveland build and really like it. The motor idled better and minor oil around the valve cover grommets went away. I am doing a 427 Windsor swap very soon (motor is built) and will use it again, tuned as necessary.
  21. For me it was not having my suspension hang when stored. With my included jack I have had zero issues working off the lift when needed. I removed my old and installed my new SoT front coilover system with zero issues with regard to lift choice. If I were looking away from storage and more towards working on multiple car suspensions I would have opted for a two post.
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