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    1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 bright red, standard black interior,pb,ps
    gauge package.rim blow steering wheel,15" magnum 500s,351 C 2bbl running a 4bbl Holley 600,MSD 6a with stock distributor and Pertronix,Comp cam mild grind, The Engine(rebuilt by me in 2002 for the second time the first rebuild I did was stock in 1995) made 305hp and 358 lb ft on the dyno. 9" 2.75 rear end,Global west sub frame connectors,620 front coils.Rear defroster. My parents bought my car brand new the year before I was born. I cherish it like my child.


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  1. Trouble is, a lot of stuff comes from China. Since I'd like to buy a new set, with better quality, I'm trying to find jack stands made in the US and they are in short supply or really expensive. I dont mind paying more since I really dont want the car to fall on me when I'm under it. I have seen some jack stands that have an extra pin that is inserted to keep the ratchet from moviing, so they look safer. I understand it is very difficult to avoid Chinese made anything these days. I personally have many older tools from the days when you could buy American. I would rather buy o
  2. I am shocked. No, not really. Harbor freight sucks. I never buy their products. Why: China.
  3. I concur that it is normal albeit strange and sloppy. Ron
  4. Greetings and welcome from Rhode Island! My Dad's 72 is pretty much the same as yours. This forum will assist you greatly in your endeavors. The are a lot of really good and helpful people here to help you. Ron
  5. Thank you for your service. I was also born in 73 but drive a 72. Carbs are not that hard you will become a master at them after this. Ron
  6. I bought Global west sub frame connectors about 15 years ago and welded them in without issue. I am still pleased with them.
  7. If the engine has never been torn down I would be concerned about timing chain wear especially @ the cam sprocket which if factory has nylon coated teeth. The nylon teeth break down with age making the chain very loose. This could be the cause of your surging issue. When I removed the timing cover of my 1972 351C 2V 25 years ago the timing chain was loose to the point that I could remove the chain with gears still in place. This was the original engine and had 103 K miles on it. I know the history for a fact being that my parents bought the car new. You could check for chain slack by rotatin
  8. Agree the glass filters suck and do a poor filtration job. Ron
  9. Welcome to the forum from RI. It looks like you have scored a pretty solid Mustang. Consider yourself fortunate you live in road salt free Texas. Good luck to you and your wife. I am looking forward to following your progress. Ron
  10. You are 100% correct Geoff. Magnum 500s need to balanced by the lug holes and not the center hole with a cone. I own a Snap on lug adapter plate for the Magnum 500s as well as for all the other wheels that require it. Ron
  11. I have to admit that I am a big fan of the Challenger body style. The ad pointed out all the improvements that weere to go into our cars over the 1970 version (including the ash tray. Nice ash! LOL) I do not dislike the previous Mustangs but I always thought the fuel tank arrangement on the pre 71 cars was terrible. Interesting video thank you for finding and posting it. Ron
  12. Thanks Don. It was bugging me. Now we all know. Ron

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