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    1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 bright red, standard black interior,pb,ps
    gauge package.rim blow steering wheel,15" magnum 500s,351 C 2bbl running a 4bbl Holley 600,MSD 6a with stock distributor and Pertronix,Comp cam mild grind, The Engine(rebuilt by me in 2002 for the second time the first rebuild I did was stock in 1995) made 305hp and 358 lb ft on the dyno. 9" 2.75 rear end,Global west sub frame connectors,620 front coils.Rear defroster. My parents bought my car brand new the year before I was born. I cherish it like my child.


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  1. Welcome to the forum from Rhode Island! Ron
  2. Correction, I got it wrong on the Cleveland stamped steel valve covers having a gasket retention lip. They are indeed flat like the Boss aluminum covers. I had just done a set of VC gaskets on a 69 Dodge 383 recently (which have a flange with a lip the gasket fits into). My brain is burned out from 2020 I guess. I am going to give the 1682 gaskets a shot. After action report to follow. Just don't know when. Ron
  3. You nailed it on the awful to work on 70s/80s stuff. Smart play on your part for doing the plugs early after a de-carbonization and doing it while the engine was warm. Ron
  4. You got really lucky Chuck, bless you. Snap-on actually sells a kit for about $300+ to remove those spark plugs if they break. I recommend to anyone with the 3 valve per cylinder V-8 to change the plugs much earlier than Ford says to. The carbon build up that causes them to seize won't be as bad at 30 k miles than at 100 k miles. Those spark plugs were not one of Ford's "better ideas". As far as working on newer cars goes there are good and bad aspects. The mid to late 70s and early 80s cars were actually worse to service. Still there are more days since I hit middle age that I just hate it at times. The continuous capital investment required for the evolving software is a major drag. Best, Ron
  5. I am not too concerned about the dreaded project creep on this one. I partially tore it down after the dyno runs and nothing was amiss. I did that due to my OCD issues. Lol. There is always that possibility of any and I mean any project turning into a shit show. Ron
  6. Thank you Chuck for your input. My theory is that with my current cam specs (with the Comp) being similar to a stock Cobra jet cam I might be Ok with it. It does idle well with the current cam. The CS650 is -2* of the CJ cam with an LSA of 115* When I did the first engine overhaul on my engine 25 years ago I went with a stock 2 barrel cam, intake and 2100 carb and I have to admit it was still snappy. I agree that cam changes are a pain. I do work on modern cars for a living and just about every repair operation on those is a major pain. Which makes a cam change on a Cleveland seem not that bad. It creates a happy "good old days" feeling for me. Lykins does remain an option. Cheers, Ron
  7. I was wondering if anyone out there has used a Sealed Power CS650 in their Cleveland build. This cam is listed as a stock 4 barrel replacement (D2ZZ-6250-A) .This is the same cam as the D1ZZ-6250-A but ground 4* retarded. I had bought it a couple of years ago before it became unavailable. I have been running a Comp cam since 2002 with basically the same lift and duration specs difference being the LSA is 110* for the Comp and 115* LSA for the SP650. The LSA of the SP650 is closer to the 117* LSA of the original Ford stock cam. I am pleased with Comp as far as power, my engine made 305 horsepower @4600 and 357 lb ft torque @3600 on the dyno. This was done with stock 2 barrel open chamber heads, Edelbrock performer intake, stock manifolds and 600 cfm vac sec 4150 Holley. I degreed the cam when I installed exactly to the cam card. The main issue I have with the Comp since the beginning has been that it has always sounded like a mechanical cam once the engine warmed up. I improved upon the noise issue early on by shit canning the Comp lifters and putting in a set of Crowers. This was after Comp gave me another free set of their lifters. Their lifters do suck. And yes, the pre-load is right on. Over the years I have spoken to many Comp cam owners that had the same problem. From what I understand is that the opening/closing ramp speed of these cams are aggressive and that causes the noisy operation. I have heard this complaint from Chevy and Mopar guys as well. Which brings me back to my main point of changing said cam. Thanks everyone. Ron
  8. Thank you for that information. From what I know about the aluminum Boss valve covers is that the sealing flange is flat as opposed to the stamped steel covers which has a gasket retention lip. I guess there is no way to know if the 1682 gaskets would fit unless someone out there has tried it. Best, Ron
  9. Are using the Fel Pro 1682 VC gaskets with the stock stamped steel valve covers? Summit states that they may not work with stock covers. I would love to use them on my engine if possible. You are correct they are pricey. Happy new year!! Thanks, Ron
  10. My 72 Cleveland has always made the rain sound in the pan at shut down. I like it as it lets you know the oil is getting up top and everywhere.
  11. Trouble is, a lot of stuff comes from China. Since I'd like to buy a new set, with better quality, I'm trying to find jack stands made in the US and they are in short supply or really expensive. I dont mind paying more since I really dont want the car to fall on me when I'm under it. I have seen some jack stands that have an extra pin that is inserted to keep the ratchet from moviing, so they look safer. I understand it is very difficult to avoid Chinese made anything these days. I personally have many older tools from the days when you could buy American. I would rather buy old American made jack stands from someone than buy some of the dangerous junk that is out there. I am just glad no-one including yourself has gotten hurt or killed. There is a lot of used stuff out there. Best, Ron
  12. I am shocked. No, not really. Harbor freight sucks. I never buy their products. Why: China.
  13. I concur that it is normal albeit strange and sloppy. Ron
  14. Greetings and welcome from Rhode Island! My Dad's 72 is pretty much the same as yours. This forum will assist you greatly in your endeavors. The are a lot of really good and helpful people here to help you. Ron
  15. Thank you for your service. I was also born in 73 but drive a 72. Carbs are not that hard you will become a master at them after this. Ron
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