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  1. if you wanna post something up on USHIP, i'll be willing to sell mine. i'm in selling mine!
  2. i have one with the frame but i am located in sacramento cali.
  3. i am taking out my clutch/brake pedal assembly here shortly and will be up for sale soon! mine is a power disc brake pedal too LOL!!! anybody who wants a set hit me up!
  4. with a bbf and tall VC's its still a piece of cake! no need to do it!
  5. a pic of the car back in 2008!
  6. oh yeah, they also record any and all your phone calls. and it just seems to be a obvious reasons, they can recall back to the phone calls where they want to keep them and not the phone calls that gets record that backed up your justifications of prior underwriters saying that my car just isn't covered when ur on the throttle. strange how they keep things they want and not the ones they don't.:cool: i will not do anymore business with hagerty again unless my next car only sits in the garage and goes to church 2 miles away not going any faster than 40mph. :@ and trust me, after talking to the claims president person, they want to deny any and all claims they can. ALSO, WHEN U ARE ON THE PHONE WITH THEM DO NOT EVEN MAKE ANY KIND OF JOKE WHATS SO EVER!!! don't let them trap you with questions like "how fast is the car", "what's the quickest you've taken her", "i bet you can really smoke up them tires, huh?" don't fall for any of it cuz a friend of mine just told me (fellow racer) they are trying to get a feel from you on how you use your car and if they can potentionally gauge how u r and possibly deny a claim from you. also, they know about any advertised and all car shows, races, events and etc in your area. they will try to find your facebook page and try to find anything they can about anything regarding a car related post. try not to be in the same city as a race track and especially the same day as a race as possible if something were to happen to you because they will accuse you that you were there. :@
  7. This post is primarily just an FYI!!! Well, Hagerty insurance seems like a great insurance company and i'm sure it is for most people however.......if you do more than just store the car in the garage and occassionally drive her slowly to a burger joint, then this the right insurance company for you. i've been dealing with their adjusters the last two weeks and their policy literally dances around alot of clear cut answers. i'm mainly talking about the competition exclusions portion of the policy. when you are buying their policy and the underwriters are telling you one thing and try to get clarification on something, they will just say yes or the old "let me get clarification for you" but when when something does happen they will deny it. i dealt with a adjuster and they will literally will search the internet and accuse you of doing something illegal. assume something based off the internet that you posted 6 years ago. say that you were racing your car down a highway. they will search for your name on the internet, search for your email for what forums you are involved in. they will search facebook for any and all things you do and will find anything anybody post about you. i now speak to that person's supervisor and they also will straight up say "we don't have to do this", "we don't have list this" and blah blah blah. not to mention this person is being really short with me. i file a complaint about this person's attitude and get a call from the "claims department president" i get alot better attitude but the same thing said from him "we don't have to straight out tell people flat out/clear cut answers to thing" short story short, they gave me alot of instances where they will not cover your car and we spoke for about 20 minutes on when and where they will not cover you. it looks like they will find many ways out not to cover you. if you even think about taking your car to a dragstrip, just know your coverage will not be applied the moment you are in the gates, ALTHOUGH this doesn't quite say that in your policy. if you even sometimes take ur car to the dragstrip, call up BILL LUTZ for a racing policy.
  8. just wanted to introduce myself! name is olie and i'm a BBF lover ;)
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