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  1. Hemikiller: When I disconnected the ignition wire from the solenoid, nothing happen. When I connected the ignition wire back; wire started smoking all around the solenoid up to the alternator. Hurry up and disconnected. Do you think that I should change the solenoid also with the ignition switch? When you say ignition switch, are you talking about the cylinder or the ignition switch assembly? Thanks, Jimmy t.
  2. Thanks, When I got rid of the old windshield, I didn't bother to check the location before I got rid of it. Many thanks, Jimmy t.
  3. Had changed front windshield. Need location of rear view mirror to reinstall. Help? Jimmy t.
    Great looking!
  4. Has anyone tried to glue them on? JImmy t.
  5. This is Jimmy t again. 2 weeks ago, try to start my 72 mustang for a ride. Sounded terrible like the starter was engaged even after the engine started. Try to turn the ignition off, key would turn , but would not turn engine off. finally killed. By then battery was dead. On Saturday, I tried to jump it. But as soon as I connected the battery, the engine tried to turn over. After checking some of the comments, I figured it may be the ignition switch. As per the info, I was told I could verify that by disconnecting the ignition wire to the solenoid and try to jump it again. It was described as the small wire. Well, I am confused with that description. If someone can post a picture and point me to the right wire, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks Jimmy t
  6. Here is a couple of more pictures. If you have any questions or comments, please reply.
  7. Boys and girls: I have come up with a way to make these seat extenders work. I bought an extra set of set extenders and cut them in half. Drill out the half pieces. I then bought some new bolts (8) 3/8" X 3/4" fine thread hex bolts. I took the original bolts that bolt the track to the seat and cut the washers off and added the new seat extender plates. The using the new 3/8" bolts; bolted the seat tracks on. Make sure to align the plates so the seat tracks holes bolting the seats to the floor are aligned. I will add a few pictures.
  8. Guys and Gals, I have another question for you. When I had my seats done, the Mach 1 emblem was left off. (bucket high back) Can it be installed on the seat by just removing the seat cover (the one piece plastic cover on back? Any suggestions or comments. Thanks, Jimmy t
  9. I think I come up with a solution. I was construction manager and a mechanical designer. I've worked out some dimensions on making a 1 piece, bent on each end to allow for spacing. Once I get it worked out , I will post it. Thanks guys for all the help. Jimmy t.
  10. Hey guys & gals. I'm 6'2" and am trying to add these extenders to my seat tracks. When I bolt the extender plates to the seat and then try to add the tracks; the tracks seem to have a bow in them which I think is the way they are suppose to be. But when I try to add the tracks, the tracks are hitting the bolt that the extender plate bolted to the seat (front) and leaves about a 1/4" gap between extender plate and seat track. If I tighten too much i may been the tracks. I tried to find seat bolts (3/8"-16X1") with a shallow head and have been unsuccessful. Any one have any suggestions without adding a bunch of washers. I really don't want to do it that way. By the way, I have 1972 mustang mach 1 with bucket seats. Thanks, Jimmy t.
  11. Stang alholics is offering plastic rear quarter panels for 72 mustangs. But they specify for fold down seats only. What is the difference between the fastback fold seat quarters and fastback? I questioned Stang aholics, nbut they the manufacturer specially says for fold down seats. Thanks, Jimmy t.
  12. Can the steering column's upper parts (collar) be removed from the top end of the column for repainting? While doing some repairs on the instrument panel cluster, it got pretty messed up. I thought about repainting in the car; but the car is complete and I would hate to get overspray on the interior. Any suggestions?

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