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  1. ok. I misunderstood. Thanks for info. Jimmy t.
  2. Ok. Thanks for your help. If I can't exchange the sway bar, I was going to try and purchase just the bar to save a few bucks. and I know you said you had to cut the spacers. If you get the opportunity at some point, and can measure them (the bolt and spacer) , I would appreciate that. I am not in a hurry, since the bar won't be available to February. Thanks again for all you help. The photos and the write up on the sway bar were very helpful. For years, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong to try to install. Thanks again, Jimmy t
  3. jpaz: I have couple of different end links. I would really appreciate if you could me know the length of the bolts that you used along with the final cut lengths of the spacers. I have sent an email to ADDCO asking to purchase just the 7/8" rear sway bar and used the end links that I have. I have not heard from them yet. Trying to save some costs since I doubt they will exchange my rear sway that I have even though it was never used. You did a hell of job getting them to do with they did. Apppreciate any info you can provide. Thanks, Jimmy t
  4. I agree, but maybe way to much to ask for. Even a discount would help though. Maybe they could become a sponsor on this site and offer a discount to members! Since jpaz is a member who discovered their mess-up. We as members rely on these Mustang suppliers to know their stuff. WE are the ones that support them; but also are the ones who use their products. It would be nice to hear from them. I sent them a email and I'll see their response. CONGRATS to jpaz for sticking with it and getting it corrected. Also, kudos to ADDCO for following through and getting it corrected! The winners are future 71-73 mustangers that will get the right part. Jimmy t
  5. I have, but no response yet. I read this info about a week ago here and sent an email on Friday. Hoping for the best. But if I have to just buy the sway bar, I can save a little bit of money. Thanks, Jimmy t
  6. I purchased a 7/8" rear sway bar (ADDCO) several years ago. After several attempts, I gave up trying to install it. Several responses from the supplier thinking they may have sent the wrong item prove to be unsuccessful. Now I understand why; it wasn't his fault. I will try to get a new sway bar without end links to save on costs. I assume the end links do fit. Can you tell me what is the length of the spaces after you cut them. Thanks, Jimmy t
  7. I have the same problem!  I bought mine back in 2009.  Got so frustrated with trying to make it work, I gave up.  I have 72mustang Mach 1 Q code w/the 1/2" sway bar.  Still have them both.  How long is the spacers in the end links?  I seem to have the same problems with the end links.  Kept thinking they were the wrong ones.


    Jimmy t.

  8. I have a 1972 fastback. I just bought a used left quarter panel. I have new windlace. But the chrome strip with rubber window seal needs to be replaced. This is located @ the top of the panel and seals against the glass. Is the chrome strip and seal separate or is this one piece glued together? Does anyone sells this and what is it called? Thanks, Jimmy t.
  9. I like the stance; looks really good.  Hope you don't mind me asking, what size tires and rims(brand) are you running?

    Jimmy t

  10. Where can I find Vermillion Red interior paint to red my quarter panels?
  11. The car looks really good! A question. What are size tires and rims and do you have air shocks on the back? The stance is exactly what I'm looking for on my '72 MACH 1 fastback.
  12. The car looks really good! A question. What are size tires and rims and do you have air shocks on the back? The stance is exactly what I'm looking for on my '72 MACH 1 fastback.
  13. A while back I asked about the interior quarter panels offered by stangholics. I now see that there are some offered by "SCOTT DRAKE". Are theses panels any better? Thanks, Jimmy t.
  14. It was built in November 1971 as per Marti report. When did the actual new changes as per 1972 models begin. I have noticed some things that apparently are carry over from 1971. Such as the changes in horsepower ratings?
  15. Bob: Can't be more pleased. Got my clock back today, installed, set time, It's is running great. The price is reasonable. I recommend that anyone who is having clock issues uses you. Thanks for the great work! Thanks, Jimmy t.
  16. Hemikiller: Just wanted to say thanks for your help. Changed the solenoid and a new battery. Solved the problem. Thanks for all your help. Jimmy t.
  17. Awhile back, you gave me some info on the electrical system and recommended that I change the solenoid and then the ignition switch on my mustang because I was having problems with no electrical to start.  I did the easiest thing first and that was to change the solenoid.  I did that and that solved the problem, also a new battery.  Just wanted to thank you for you help and I appreciate it.

    Thanks again,

    Jimmy t.

  18. Hemikiller: When I disconnected the ignition wire from the solenoid, nothing happen. When I connected the ignition wire back; wire started smoking all around the solenoid up to the alternator. Hurry up and disconnected. Do you think that I should change the solenoid also with the ignition switch? When you say ignition switch, are you talking about the cylinder or the ignition switch assembly? Thanks, Jimmy t.
  19. Thanks, When I got rid of the old windshield, I didn't bother to check the location before I got rid of it. Many thanks, Jimmy t.
  20. Had changed front windshield. Need location of rear view mirror to reinstall. Help? Jimmy t.
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