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  1. I posted this in the Sprint section but also wanted to put it here since it's on Ebay..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-/112022437399?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1a150ebe17:g:QMwAAOSwSWJXRZ7U&item=112022437399
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-/112022437399?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1a150ebe17:g:QMwAAOSwSWJXRZ7U&item=112022437399
  3. I wanted to add some updated pictures of the convertible since I've been working on it. I am entering it into a car show on Saturday in Cary, NC.
  4. I wanted to post and let everyone know about the convertible 2f03184285. When Rex originally posted about the convertible possibly being for sale back in 2014, I emailed Joe to talk to him about buying the car. I never received a reply from him and I didn't have his phone number to call so I gave up on it. Then earlier this year when Rex posted his phone number here in the forums and saying it was for sale, I immediately called, and I mean immediately as I saw his number on here. I was able to talk to Joe for the first time about the convertible. He did say he had already spoken to a guy about buying the car and if that deal fell thru, I would be next in line to buy it. I never made an offer on the car or try to convince him to sell it to me first. We talked a while about the car and he was letting me know the history of the car and he also mentioned he had started doing some research about it. I know there was a lot of discussion on the forums about this and I've spoken to a few people on here and let them know as well. I didn't know that it was a guy on here who was going to buy the car until after finished reading all of the posts about this convertible. I hope everyone knows that I did not cancel any deal that was previously made. I kept reading all of the posts about the convertible and the supposed shady deal I had made and decided to keep out of it because that is not what happened. I was waiting for the original buyer to buy the convertible and then I was going to contact him to see if I could actually buy the car from him. After reading his post about Joe not wanting to sale the car to him anymore, I was curious to see if he was going to call me or if he found another buyer for the convertible. I waited around 2 weeks and never heard anything from him so I decided to call back and see what was happening. When I called him, his response was I've decided to keep the car and I'm having it transported to New York to my house. So after hearing this, I gave up again on this one. Right at 2 months went by and I receive a phone call on a Thursday night and it was Joe calling me about the convertible. He decided he wanted to sale it. I'm not sure if the called me first or second about buying it this time. We spoke for a while and I agreed to buy it. There was a catch in being able to buy it this time, the car had to be delivered to me before it made it back to Florida. When he got the car to New York to restore it, his mechanic/body guy said it was too much for him and it wasn't worth it. He said he was sending the car back to Florida to either his sister's or mother's house, not really sure. The car was already on the car transporter on it's way back to Florida and if I couldn't make arrangements for delivery and it made it back to Florida, it would not be for sale again. I got in touch with the driver of the transporter and made arrangements to have the car delivered to me. Thankfully, my friend's house is right off of I-95 and he was able to help in the delivery and unloading of the car. We worked on the car some that weekend and couldn't get it running so I decided to pull the engine and transmission and have them both rebuilt. After working on everything and having plenty of help from friends and family, we were able to crank it for the first time last Friday. After working out a few leaking issues and tracing down wires, I drove it last night. I'm not sure how many know this, but I already own a Sprint Coupe and a Sprint Sportsroof so trying to find a convertible is something I've been working on. Last night, being able to drive this for the first time was really special. I know there may be questions or comments about the convertible. Please ask away and I'll respond as quickly as I can. As you can see in the pictures, it is going to need a lot of body work.
  5. After reading the last 3 posts, I got us 2 folding chairs and a small cooler for drinks. Thanks for that! I'm not sure who will be doing the judging/voting here but I'll most definitely be there to answer questions about the car. I'm hoping to let her answer questions too so she'll be more involved. I'll post some pictures this afternoon.
  6. Thanks for the information. I do have my Mach 1 registry from Ford Performance Group that I could take too, just need a frame for it. I didn't know about the seat belt and that's a good idea.
  7. Tomorrow I will be putting my 04 AB Mach 1 in a local car show. This will be my first car show I've actually entered. I took my daughter to a car show last month and she wanted to put the Mach 1 in and I told her I would find us a local one to do so tomorrow is the big day. I have a few Mustang books and Mustang Monthly magazines with the Mach on front or articles inside, should I take these to lay in the seats or trunk? I was also thinking about taking my AutoArt Mach 1 and putting it on the shaker for display. I'm trying to see what you think about the things above or what do you look for. Thank you.
  8. http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/cto/5077773811.html
  9. I haven't bought it yet. I'm still contemplating on buying it because I hate to see it going to a crusher.
  10. Where did you find this picture?
  11. http://fayetteville.craigslist.org/cto/5027390246.html I found this Mustang on Craigslist about 2 weeks ago and finally called about it today. He has it listed as a 71 and that's why I called because I was curious to which axle it had and I was trying to see the condition of the flat hood and the front bumper. When I first got there and walked up beside the car I knew it was a Sprint when I looked inside and saw the interior. I opened the door to check the door data plate and there was the HB for interior trim. He said he was told it was a 71 and he saved it from a junk yard right before it was supposed to be crushed. I told him a little about the Sprint Mustangs so he knew what he had. Unfortunately this car is past restoring and I'm really considering buying it just so it doesn't go to the crusher.
  12. Sprint Coupe....302...Automatic...blue vinyl top ( I finally ordered the Elite Marti report to see how rare my blue vinyl top is) ....side note...this will be my daughter's car when she starts driving, she turned 14 yesterday! Sprint Sportsroof....351 Cleveland...Automatic (Doing an engine swap on this to a 429 because the 351 that was in there didn't belong to it) Pictures coming soon on both. This is her 302 before and after pictures. She wanted the lighter blue versus the darker blue and she wanted the bigger air cleaner ( not pictured) Underneath her car when we bought it and what it looks like now after some brake cleaner and a lot of scrubbing.
  13. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/rnb-13947 I just replaced both banjo bolts on my 72 Coupe and these are the correct bolts.
  14. I found this on Craigslist and decided to buy it to be my daughter's first car when she starts driving in 2 years. I talked to the owner who bought the car new in 72 and drove it until 84 and parked it. It's cool to think that she'll be considered the second owner. I've been showing her stuff as we work on it and she is very excited about this car. I ordered the standard report to get the basic information on the car and I have just ordered the elite report to give to her. I can't wait to find out how many other coupes came with a blue vinyl top. I've been doing searches and have not found one yet, so we're hoping it may be 1 of a kind.
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