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  1. I'm referring to the filler panel between the trunk lid and the back window. You guys are thinking about the quarter panel extensions, they have a gasket that goes between it and the quarter panel. It is made of some type of pot metal.
  2. Thanks alot, that really helps. I am going to try and get the filler panel and tail light panel completely welded in this weekend. I am thinking about welding the seem where the filler panel meets the quarter panel. Give it that seemless look. Any pros or cons in doing that?
  3. New metal - replaced some rusted out areas yesterday.
  4. I basically need the inside dimensions of the trunk. Here are some pics.
  5. I really would appreciate it if someone could supply me with those measurements. I plan to get alot done on it this weekend. I got in my new rear window weatherstrip\rubber seal and was wondering if anyone has ever done this install. I was looking at the rubber seal and can't really determine which side goes to the outside. The bottom of seal is much thicker on one side than the other, just need to know which side the thick goes toward. Any tips on installation will be appreciated also.
  6. The T5 is completely taken apart and washed. I purchased a rebuild kit and have to order a cluster shaft and input shaft. The gears look to be in good shape. I have also been working on the rear of the body. Had to patch several areas around the trunk seal. I also patched several areas on the trunk filler panel and have started welding it back in. I need a couple measurements - I need the inside distance from side to side of the trunk area. The bottom should be around 52 1/2" and I need the top distance too. I also need from the end of the quarter panel to filler panel on each side. This measurement is around 21 inches. Basically I want to make sure the trunk lid fits like it suppose too. I have been setting the trunk lid in place and doing some fitting that way, but I would like to know what the factory measurements are.
  7. I purchased a used T5 last weekend for $50.00. I have completely disassembled it and ready to start the rebuild. I am glad I got it so cheap because it has at least one gear that needs replaced and the counter shaft will need replaced also. I still think I can rebuild for less than $500.00 going back with stock parts. Here are a few pics.
  8. I was wondering if anyone may have a drivers side A-pillar lying around that is not rusted out. I started doing some repair on mine but have stopped for now. Thought I would reach out and see if someone on here may have one. Sometimes it is a lot easier to replace than to repair.
  9. Last night I measured the frame rail and got 51 3/4", so that should be good according to what I have been told. I clamped in the tail light panel flushing up the bottom egde with the rear crossmember edge. I took inside measurements from the top of the trunk floor to the top of the tail light panel lip and got close to 11 7/8" in the middle and at both ends. I found the center of the tail light panel and pulled measurements from identical locations from each fender well inside the trunk to the center mark on the tail light panel and hit it dead on. The only measurement I have not taken thus far is from the front of one rear frame rail to the the rear of the other. According to the frame dimension chart it should be about 66 1\4". I feel pretty good about everything being close to specification. Thanks again for all the help, still got a long ways to go. I did clean up the trunk floor and primed it last night to keep it from rusting.
  10. Thanks, I have a trunk lid that I just purchased off of ebay and it is pretty nice. I got it for $10.00, could not believe nobody bid on it. I am going to check my frame measurements tonight. Before I welded the rear cross member I did get everything level and made sure the frame rails were 43 inches apart. I did cut out the trunk filler panel between the trunk lid and rear window to fix the rusted out areas. I plan to put it back in before I final weld my tail light panel in. I am going to use the trunk lid to make sure I get all my spacing correct since I did not take measurements like I should have.
  11. This car originally was a 302 with a FMX transmission and an 8 inch rear end. My plan is to install a 351 windsor with a T5 and upgrade to a 9 inch rear end. I want to have a little fun with it on Sunday afternoons. I am purist at heart and like to keep things original. However, this car has so much rust and I am having to fabricate and replace so much that it will not be original when I finish. I have a 69 covertible also that I plan to restore back to original once I am finished with this project. I did get my trunk floor welded in and and the plug welds ground down. Here are a few pics, I still need the tail light panel measurements when someone gets time. Thanks for all the welcomes.
  12. Finally found a website for 71 - 73 mustangs. I have been posting on other sites for a couple years but I do not get a lot of help from those folks. Here is a little history on what I have. I obtained a 71 Grande a few years back that was in fair shape but restorable. I was able to get it and a title for just hauling it away. The motor and transmission had been taken out and sold. Everything else was there except the engine bay was pretty well stripped. I have replaced the driver and passenger floor pans and toe boards. Installed a couple fender aprons and started repairing the cowl. I have since moved to the rear of the car and removed the trunk floor and tail light panel. I am in the process of welding in the trunk floor. In my excitement of tearing out the rear of the beast I forgot to get a couple measurements. I need the measurement from the trunk floor to the top of the tail light panel. I probably need a middle and two near the end to be safe. I was wondering if I aligned the bottom flange of the tail light panel with the rear crossmember flange would it be correct? I just need to make sure I get the tail light panel installed correctly. Any help will be appreciated. I will try to post some photos when I get some good ones.
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